Microsoft Wins DCD Award for its Fuel Cell Data Center
Microsoft Wins DCD Award for its Fuel Cell Data Center
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, February 19, 2018

The leaders of the data center industry were recently celebrated at the DCD Awards in London 

DCD announced the winners of the first global edition of the DCD Awards, recognizing excellence in the data center industry.

The very best of the industry have been recognized with Awards presented at a gala dinner in London’s Royal Lancaster Hotel tonight. The worthy winners were selected from hundreds of applications from around the world, by an independent panel of judges - with one category, the Beautiful Data Center, determined by a popular vote. 

The winner in the "Mission Critical Innovation Award was Microsoft for it fuel cell integrated Data Center.

Microsoft’s ‘Stark and Simple’ design collapses the entire energy supply chain, into a small fuel cell at the top of each rack. The result is a very efficient generator that produces electricity and by-products that can be reused; like clean water, high grade heat, and pure CO2.