Milestone: Toyota’s 10,000th Fuel Cell Mirai Comes off the Assembly Line

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Toyota Mirai Produktion

In a recent milestone, Toyota announced that it has produced the 10,000th copy of its fuel cell Mirai at its Motomachi Plant in Toyota City. “This makes the Mirai sedan the most-produced fuel cell vehicle in the world,” says Toyota.

Since the opening of the Mirai production line in the spring of 2015, production has been slowly ramping up. In the first year, the company produced  700 units, in 2016 2000 vehicles and since 2017 about 3000 copies annually.

The Mirai is currently sold in Japan, the US and in several European countries, including Germany.

From the beginning of the next decade, Toyota wants to increase the production and sell up to 30,000 fuel cell vehicles per year.

According to Toyota, it plans to add new fuel cell cars in the future for this purpose, the Japanese production capacities for fuel cell stacks will be expanded at the Honsha plant and for hydrogen tanks at the Shimoyama plant. According to Toyota, the new plants will start operating in 2020 respectively.

Toyota recently announced that it has begun testing a new stationary fuel cell generator based on the Mirai technology.

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