Mines ParisTech and GRTgaz Partner on Way to Improve the Hydrogen Resistance of Gas Networks

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July 4, 2019 |

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On July 2, GRTgaz signed a partnership with Mines ParisTech to finance a post-doctorate aiming to study a way to protect natural gas pipelines when they are subjected to a certain amount of hydrogen.

During the ParisTech Mining Research Day, held on July 2 in its Paris premises, GRTgaz signed a research and development partnership with the school to develop a cold-matter projection process aimed at improving the hydrogen resistance (H2) of natural gas pipelines.

The agreement is to finance the work of a postdoctoral fellow for a period of 18 months. “This will involve laboratory research,” says Sylvain Lemelletier, Partnerships Delegate at GRTgaz’s Research and Innovation Center for Energy (RICE). Depending on the results, we will study the possibility of going further. “

This postdoctoral fellow is the second winner of the open innovation competition launched in 2018 by GRTgaz in order to develop ways to protect natural gas pipelines against hydrogen. The first being the start-up Catalyze, selected April 29 and offering a protective paint.

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