Monmouthshire City Council Approves Trial of Riversimple Hydrogen Car
Monmouthshire City Council Approves Trial of Riversimple Hydrogen Car
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, June 10, 2016

Rhodri Clark--Monmouthshire City Council has agreed to help an EU-funded consortium to run what is claimed to be Britain’s first deployment of a group of hydrogen cars for routine use in a community.

The Rasa hydrogen car has a carbon fibre chassis weighing under 40kg. It was developed by the Riversimple consortium - backed by a €2m EU grant - for ‘mobility as a service’ rather than individual car ownership.

Monmouthshire’s cabinet agreed on Wednesday (8 June) to host a 12-month trial of 20 Rasas. Participants will be invited to leave their own cars in a council-owned secure storage facility and drive Rasas for their routine journeys.

The authority will provide space for a hydrogen fuelling station and service centre.

Riversimple, which will fund the infrastructure works, claimed: ‘This is the first opportunity in the UK to see a cohort of hydrogen fuel cell cars used in a normal everyday way in a community.’

It said the trial will be a ‘showcase for other councils and authorities across the UK’.

Roger Hoggins, Monmouthshire’s head of operations, said: ‘The development of the Riversimple hydrogen car is an opportunity for Monmouthshire to be involved in the development of a completely new car concept. It is a unique opportunity and will draw a great deal of attention to the car but also to Monmouthshire as the host.’