myFC intends to sell PowerTrekk assets
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, October 01, 2015

myFC Holding AB has retained Value Position AB as a financial and strategic advisor to explore the possibility of divesting all assets in relation to the myFC PowerTrekk product family.

The company will focus wholly on the new JAQ product range. JAQ is based on a different technology. Both the fuel cell and the fuel platform including charging logic is different and therefore it is easy to divide assets between PowerTrekk and JAQ.

The PowerTrekk assets will include IP and PowerTrekk related brands, manufacturing machinery, component stocks, among other product centered components.

“The divestment project that we have now started is consistent with the company’s stated objective of focusing on the new JAQ product line. For myFC, it is vital to take the next step and focus exclusively on JAQ. The first JAQ product will enter the market in Q4 2015.” says Björn Westerholm, CEO at myFC.