NanoSUN Complete Manufacturing of its First Hydrogen Refueller!

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Fuel cells works, NanoSUN Complete Manufacturing of its First Hydrogen Refueller!

NanoSUN is pleased to announce that manufacturing has now been completed on its first large scale hydrogen refueller – the Pioneer, with the commissioning activity also having been successfully carried out.

The Pioneer 135 prototype showcases NanoSUN’s capability and vision in the hydrogen refuelling market. As a fully mobile, self-contained and automated solution carrying approximately 350kg of hydrogen on-board, the Pioneer system enables rapid deployment of hydrogen vehicle fleets without the up-front cost and delay associated with the installation of a fixed refuelling station.

Despite the Pioneer’s compact and mobile design, typical fill-times of approximately 15-20 minutes can be expected for large buses and trucks, with smaller vehicles seeing even better performance.

NanoSUN Pioneer

NanoSUN is also delighted to report that following final inspections, and a detailed review of relevant design data, the system has been granted Type Approval against the Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive (TPED) and the Accord Dangereux Routier treaty (ADR), enabling its use as a fully functional mobile hydrogen refueller.

In addition, this prototype has been found to meet the standards necessary for use in a static setting, with Type Approval also being granted against the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED). As a result, the prototype unit has now been officially marked with its “CE” and “Pi” marks, showing its compliance.

Alex Brant, NanoSun’s Chief Engineer, comments, ‘We are excited to get this unit out on the road, working with our industry partners to showcase its performance in the real world and bring attention to the future of hydrogen refuelling.’  

NanoSUN has already embarked on improving this system even further, so watch this space for future announcements on what’s coming next and to see how the prototype performs in the field.

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