Netherlands: Arnhem Pioneering City for Hydrogen Mobility

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Regional organizations develop services and products around hydrogen for a cleaner world. The municipality of Arnhem and the province of Gelderland, for example, want to have more than 90 hydrogen-powered cars driving in and around Arnhem with the H2-Drive project.

And more is happening. For example, the Arnhem company HyMove develops hydrogen buses and already runs them on various bus lines in the Netherlands.

HyMove develops hydrogen fuel cell systems for applications in public transport. They also develop these systems for coaches, delivery vans and trucks and as independent energy supplies. Jan van Beckhoven, commercial manager of HyMove: ‘Our first goal is to make Dutch public transport as sustainable as possible, while gaining new knowledge about driving on hydrogen with students from HAN. Now we mainly focus on the development and deployment of hydrogen buses, such as the two that currently run on the Veluwe for passenger transport. We are always going a step further in making our public transport more sustainable. ‘

First test hydrogen buses a success
In 2016, HyMove, together with transport company Keolis, started using one hydrogen bus. A second was added in June 2018. Van Beckhoven: ‘Keolis uses these vehicles on bus lines in cities such as Apeldoorn, Zwolle and Amersfoort. They travel between 270 and 440 kilometers per day. This is feasible, because our hydrogen buses have a range of 460 kilometers. Unlike many battery electric buses, no timetable adjustment is necessary, because our hydrogen buses have a high range and a short refueling time. Thanks to the data from all public transport journeys, we now know that due to the low consumption and low maintenance costs, the average mileage costs are comparable to buses running on diesel or natural gas. The big difference is that our hydrogen buses do not have CO 2 and are therefore a better option for people and the environment. ”

Hydrogen as a key to energy transition
“Without hydrogen you can shake it if you want a sustainable world,” says Van Beckhoven about the importance of hydrogen. ‘There is no other usable fuel for vehicles that is both emission-neutral and provides a large range. A large range is important for public transport, for example, a bus must be able to travel long distances on one tank. Electric buses can only travel a shorter distance and take hours to fully recharge. Refueling hydrogen only takes a few minutes. Hydrogen is therefore the key to the energy transition. Fortunately, I notice that more and more people are aware of this, from political drivers to the bus drivers of our hydrogen buses. The enthusiasm that the drivers have about these buses, is infectious and is beautiful to see. We are going to ensure that all public transport will run on hydrogen soon! ‘

Arnhem: pioneer in H2 mobility
Arnhem is the pioneering city for hydrogen mobility . The Municipality of Arnhem has also been promoting a sustainable living environment and sustainable energy in many ways. For example in the New energy made in [Arnhem] program. And with the H2-Drive project – an initiative together with the province of Gelderland – she wants to run at least 90 hydrogen cars in and around Arnhem. Because hydrogen cars do not emit CO2 and particulate matter, and thus improve the air quality in the region.

Source: NWBA

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