Netherlands: First Hydrogen Station Opens in Assen

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Fuel Cells Works, Netherlands: First Hydrogen Station Opens in Assen

The first small-scale hydrogen filling point in Assen is a fact. The filling point is located at Germanylaan 1 and supplies green hydrogen. On Tuesday 28 September, Commissioner Tjisse Stelpstra and Alderman Mirjam Pauwels officially opened the hydrogen filling point, which is an initiative of OG (OrangeGas) and Resato International.

Hydrogen market Drenthe
Resato International (producer of the hydrogen filling point) and OG (operator of the hydrogen filling point) have the ambition to get the hydrogen market in Drenthe going and will therefore open four other small-scale hydrogen filling points in the province in addition to this filling point. The successive filling points are located in Beilen, HollandseVelden, Nieuw-Amsterdam and Roden. They receive a subsidy of 250,000 euros from the province of Drenthe for the realization of these hydrogen filling points. “These public filling points are an important step in making hydrogen accessible and thus also driving hydrogen cars. We see opportunities for the use of hydrogen in mobility, but also in homes and industry. In addition, we are also boosting the production, transport and distribution of hydrogen.

Pay and refuel with the OrangeGas app
Mobile payment = the new refueling! At the hydrogen station in Assen you pay easily and only via the OrangeGas app on your smartphone. You also automatically save Happy Points that can be exchanged for nice gifts.

OG (OrangeGas)
“By opening this hydrogen filling point, another important step has been taken in making driving on hydrogen more widely available. Good cooperation is of great importance in this regard. In addition, by opening this filling point, OG is a little closer to its H2 ambition: to become one of the largest hydrogen operators in Europe.” According to Joyce van Os de Man, Benelux director.

Resato International
“On the basis of our small-scale hydrogen filling point concept, the first step is being taken to turn Drenthe into a hydrogen region,” says Rob Castien, CEO Resato International. “In combination with the future four hydrogen filling points, the coverage ratio for hydrogen refueling will be increased. A fantastic development to make green hydrogen driving a reality in the region. Hydrogen is coming!”

OG (OrangeGas) – supplier of 100% clean fuels
OG focuses on Bio-CNG, HVO100 and other renewable energy sources. The network of petrol stations is being expanded enormously, and not only in the home market. OG has become the fastest growing player in the sustainable mobility market. OG is the market leader in both the Netherlands and Germany. OG’s ambition is to be the largest clean fuels retailer in Europe, combined with its own production from natural sources.

Resato International – your high pressure expert.
Towards a green, zero-emission future, Resato is building hydrogen filling stations. The filling station offer consists of two concepts: A transition model for companies with fleets and a public hydrogen filling station, where the filling time is equal to refueling with petrol or diesel. This allows trucks, buses and passenger cars to be filled quickly and to drive many clean kilometers on a full tank.


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