Netherlands: Green Hydrogen in the Innovathuis

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South Holland Green Hydrogen
  • For seasonal storage of solar energy

On the South Holland island of Goeree-Overflakkee, the Innovathuis will be opened after the summer. In this home, Hylife Innovations is realizing an application that converts solar energy into green hydrogen for seasonal bridging. 

The house is a collaboration between Hylife Innovations, project developer Living on Flakkee, Bouwonderneming Stout and various other companies in the construction sector.

In this all-electric home an installation has been realized with which solar energy is stored in green hydrogen. This creates a complete chain of sustainable and renewable energy production, storage and use in the living environment. The solar energy of the summer period is stored for use in the winter months (seasonal storage). As soon as it is needed, this hydrogen is converted back into electricity and heat, which are both used in the home. For this Hylife Innovations works together with Solenco Power from Belgium. This property in the town of Stad aan ‘t Haringvliet in South Holland is the first in the Benelux to function with such an application. This makes this new single-family home completely self-sufficient in energy needs. Unique,

“We are currently working at Hylife Innovations on a concept that can apply this application and seasonal storage of energy in single-family homes such as this, on a large scale and at neighborhood level,” said Jean-Paul Scheurleer, initiator and co-founder of Hylife Innovations. . Mr. Scheurleer continues: “A lot of attention has recently been paid to the potential of hydrogen. We believe in the possibilities of this, but the practical feasibility is often stalled. Through this application, households are not dependent on large-scale production of green hydrogen, but soon every household will meet its own annual energy needs. ”

The house contains various constructional innovations, home automation and applications focused on living comfort. These are innovations that are already available on the market. “It is precisely by combining all this in this one home that we can see and experience the effects of these techniques in practice. We want to inspire professionals and individuals and encourage them to actually apply these various components. With this we want to contribute to accelerating the energy transition ”(Jean-Paul Scheurleer).

The Innovathuis is a unique place where parties innovate, make more sustainable and learn together. The way to get along with each other and thus stimulate construction, energy transition and sustainability. It is a place where all partners can go with customers or relations to show innovations in practice. The home will also be accessible to private individuals and other interested parties. The house will be officially opened in September and is then accessible to the public (by appointment only).

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