Netherlands: the RAD Starts Trial With a Hydrogen-Powered Garbage Truck

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Fuel Cells Works, Netherlands: the RAD Starts Trial With a Hydrogen-Powered Garbage Truck

The RAD has started with a hydrogen-powered rear loader to collect household waste. During a period of 2 months, the hydrogen vehicle will be used within the municipality of Hoeksche Waard to replace an existing diesel vehicle.

The RAD has achieved excellent results in the environmental field. The amount of residual waste has fallen sharply within the municipalities. At the same time, separate collection of raw materials has taken off enormously. It fits in with the sustainability objective of the RAD to also make progress in the field of mobility.

With this pilot, the RAD is gaining experience with the use of a zero-emission vehicle. In other words, a vehicle whose propulsion does not cause harmful emissions. The company wants to gain more insights for possible future use. Among other things, the RAD wants to gain driving experience, gain insight into the technology and gain clarity about the cost aspect. Moreover, these experiences provide more insights for the sector in general

Energy neutral municipality

Alderman Piet van Leenen: “As a municipality, we want to be energy neutral by 2040. This means that we will generate just as much sustainable energy in the Hoeksche Waard as we use. The transition to cleaner transport is also part of this. In addition to encouraging the switch to cleaner means of transport such as public transport and cycling, the municipality also encourages the use of cleaner fuels such as electric vehicles or hydrogen. That is why we are happy to contribute to the test drive of this hydrogen-powered garbage truck. Only water is released when hydrogen is burned. The garbage truck does not emit any harmful gases, which means cleaner air. And with the recently opened green hydrogen filling station in Heinenoord, it is easy and sustainable to refuel.”

Source:  press release from RAD HW B


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