Neuchâtel wants to become the Swiss Champion of Hydrogen

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The canton of Neuchâtel would like to become the Swiss champion of hydrogen. As the raw material of this fuel is water, Switzerland has an interest in positioning itself in this field. Jobs could be created and know-how developed.

For the promoters of hydrogen, the question of the storage of renewable energies “is crucial for the success of the energy transition”. They recalled it on Tuesday during the conference in Neuchâtel of the Solar Swiss Connect association, which focused on the storage of photovoltaic energy.

A motion to invest in hydrogen technology was passed without opposition in September. The text calls for the canton to use investment credits to “launch a decisive dynamic, whether for its own use (for example for vehicles in state garages) or for that of citizens, other communities and local businesses “.

As Switzerland has abundant water, using hydrogen is “more than ecological progress”. This allows us to develop know-how, to create jobs and a reputation “perhaps 100% Swiss”, observes the deputy Vert’libéral Maxime Auchlin. “Thanks to research in institutes and universities, this revolution is possible and even already underway”.

According to the promoters of hydrogen, “a real wave of progress is felt around us”. France offers public transport means running on hydrogen, whereas Asian car manufacturers already offer series models.

In Switzerland, various players are already offering solutions to reconvert hydrogen vehicles, or systems (fuel cells) to domestic co-generate electricity and heat, while rejecting only water. Even Stadler now offers a hydrogen train for non-electrified lines.


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