new enerday Builds Hybrid Fuel Cell Systems
new enerday Builds Hybrid Fuel Cell Systems
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, January 31, 2018

In times of ever-scarcer raw materials, spiralling commodity prices and increased environmental awareness, alternative solutions for supplying power at outputs ranging from a few watts to many megawatts are crucial. There is a growing need for reliable, energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly energy generators.

new enerday GmbH is developing electricity generators based on fuel cells. They use high-temperature fuel cells (SOFC – solid oxide fuel cell). This type of fuel cell can be used to generate electrical energy directly from fossil fuels such as natural gas, LPG or diesel, as well as renewables such as bioethanol or biogas.

The potential applications extend from basic electricity supply in developing countries to premium electricity supply for luxury yachts and holiday homes.

new enerday – hybrid system for the „Deutsche Bahnbaugruppe“

Together with our market partner, the “Deutsche Bahnbaugruppe” we constructed a hybrid system with fuel cell, solar panels and battery buffer. The system will supply stationary and permanent power where no grid connection is available. In some applications the gas bottles will have to be changed only once a year. Because of the quiet operating, the system can be installed near to residential areas.

Level crossing signal system – we supply the power

Together with our partner, the Deutsche Bahnbaugruppe GmbH we installed a powertrailer at a level crossing in Schleswig-Holstein. Our environmentally friendly, quiet and reliable generator powers the level crossing signal system.