New fuel cell bus presented in Arnhem - Netherlands
New fuel cell bus presented in Arnhem - Netherlands
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CHIC--The Dutch bus operator Syntus has been handed over a new fuel cell bus on 17 June 2016. The bus will be deployed in the region of Arnhem -Apeldoorn. 

The bus has been built by the Polish manufacturer Solbus and makes use of a fuel cell system of HyMove B.V., that provides the electrical energy. The bus is planned to be the first in a series that will be marketed on a commercial basis by Solbus and HyMove. The province of Gelderland is supporting the project for environmental  – the bus emitting nothing but water vapour at the tailpipe – and for economical reasons, as the locally-based company is planned to contibute to growth & jobs in the region.

“We see it as our social responsibility to contribute to the further introduction of zero emission buses,” said Cees Anchor, general manager of public transport company Syntus.

The Provincial Executive Jan Jacob van Dijk of the province of Gelderland added: ” Our region has already gained a lot of useful experience with hydrogen buses in recent years. Therefore,  the use of hydrogen has been added as an option in the public procuremen […]. We have worked with the province and HyMove  to trial hydrogen . Thus we respond to the agreement signed earlier this year between the public transport companies and Dutch State Secretary Dijksma. This agreement states, that from 2025 onwards, all urban buses purchased shall be free of harmful emissions”.

A video introducing the bus (in Dutch)

Source: syntus