New Hydrogen Aurus Is Introduced

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Fuel Cells Works, New Hydrogen Aurus Is Introduced

At the Innoprom exhibition that opened on July 4 in Yekaterinburg, the Aurus brand presented a new modification of the Senat executive sedan, running on hydrogen. For the first time, this project was shown last year, but then the technical characteristics were kept secret. Now all the details of the novelty, called NAMI Hydrogen, are revealed.

Instead of a gas tank, this model has a hydrogen cylinder, from which electricity is produced directly on board using an electrochemical generator. It is curious that the required supply of hydrogen is relatively small: 8 kg (at a pressure of 700 atmospheres). And this amount is enough for 600 km of the way.

At the same time, the characteristics of the car are supercar. The electric traction drive, consisting of two identical modules – on the front and rear axles – develops 450 kW (612 hp). To accelerate to 100 km / h, such a car spends only 4 seconds.

For comparison: the usual Aurus with a hybrid power plant, which is based on a gasoline V8 4.4 biturbo, which is helped by a 62-horsepower electric motor, at the peak of characteristics develops 598 hp Not much less than hydrogen, but its dynamics is noticeably worse – 6 seconds to “hundreds”. After all, in a hydrogen car, powerful electric motors reach the peak of torque literally from zero revolutions, and in a hybrid model, a traditional ice can not do this.

The battery capacity of the hydrogen “Senate” is 100 kWh (the power of the hydrogen fuel cell is 85 kW). Moreover, in the absence of hydrogen, you can replenish the charge, as on a conventional electric car – from the charging station. To do this, the hydrogen Aurus is equipped with a standard CCS charging connector, which allows you to charge the traction battery in 120 minutes.

Hydrogen cars are considered a promising direction all over the world: this is one of the best options from the point of view of ecology. Similar developments have long existed, say, at BMW. By the way, it is curious that the Aurus brand chose for its model a coloring book with a blue geometric pattern, which is very similar to the similar pattern on the hydrogen BMW X5.

Unfortunately, there is still trouble with hydrogen refueling. In Russia, in fact, they do not exist (there is one experimental one).

“We must be proactive so that there is no such dispute that should be primary: a chicken or an egg, a hydrogen refueling or a car. Our development is the first step into a carbon-free future, the car does not leave a carbon footprint, does not produce emissions. We did this, gave it to consumers, then it’s up to those who will develop the hydrogen infrastructure, “Rossiyskaya Gazeta quotes the words of the head of the department for the development of electric vehicles and hybrid cars of FSUE NAMI Alexei Kolbasov.

With the prospects for the serial production of hydrogen “Aurus” is not yet clear. Currently, only demonstration and test samples are produced in order to optimize the technology, develop standards and changes in the technical regulations of the Russian Federation in relation to electric and hydrogen vehicles, the manufacturer reports.


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