New Hydrogen Report Switzerland Published
New Hydrogen Report Switzerland Published
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, October 30, 2017

The Swiss Hydrogen Association Hydropole is the Swiss national platform for the exchange of knowledge, stimulation of collaborations and the promotion of achieve-ments in the field of renewable energy, especially hydrogen production, storage and the use of hydrogen e.g. fuel cells. Hydropole serves as a network for fundamental and applied research, development, industry and other public or private organizations. The association maintains close links with other hydrogen associations in Europe and worldwide, the international energy agency (IEA) and the international association for hydrogen energy (IAHE) and the European hydrogen association (EHA).

The association was founded on 23. November 2001 and is legally located in Monthey. The first president of Hydropole was Bernard Mudry the former director of Djeva, a company producing synthetic saphire in a hydrogen / oxygen flame. During the last ten years a solid network of actors in the field of hydrogen in Switzerland was built up and the association has approx. 50 members today. Approximately one third from industry, one third academic institutions and the remaining third are individual members. The board consists of seven members, the president, the vice-president and five work group leaders.

Since 2006, Hydropole is in close contact the European Hydrogen Association (EHA). The association is represented through his board members in several political and international organizations in order to actively connect the members with the key players in the field of hydrogen worldwide.

Hydropole produces every second year a hydrogen report. The first report was devoted to the industry in Switzerland and was published in 2006. Followed by the second report about the hydrogen research in Switzerland published in 2008. The current report presents the major achivements in the field of hydrogen science and technology in Switzerland. 

Read the entire report here: Hydrogen Report Switzerland 2016-2017