New Mirai Hydrogen Fuel Cell Production Sedan to be Unveiled in December 2020

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New Mirai Debut in Dec 2020

According to a recent photo and tag by Toyota, the new Mirai will be officially unveiled in December 2020

“MIRAI Concept” announced at the Tokyo Motor Show FUTURE EXPO

New Mirai Concept Main

Styling that pursues dynamic and emotional beauty that gives a feeling of running

  • By adopting the TNGA platform, the outer shape realizes a low center of gravity and a relaxed proportion. In addition, 20-inch large-diameter tires add dynamic and lightness.
  • For the outer panel color, we have newly developed “Force Blue Multiple Layers” that emphasizes vividness and depth through a multi-layer process. We pursued a “strong blue” that stimulates the sports mind.
  • The interior pursues a simple, modern and warm space that combines “fun to drive” and “advanced relaxation” with an instrument panel that wraps around the driver and a center cluster that incorporates a 12.3-inch wide monitor. In addition, we have improved livability and realized a 5-seater.

New Mirai Interior

A different dimension of quietness and comfortable driving feel like never before

  • In terms of driving, we promoted the production of cars with attention to detail, such as the quietness and high rigidity of a fuel cell vehicle, in addition to the high-quality ride quality and other features of the TNGA platform.
  • In addition, by improving the stack performance, high-quality movement like linear sliding, comfortable acceleration with excellent response, torqueful running up to the high speed range are realized, and handling at will is possible in winding now. We are proceeding with development aiming for an unprecedented driving feeling.
Performance evolution as a fuel cell vehicle goal is to significantly improve the performance of the fuel cell vehicle by completely renewing the FC system, including the FC stack, and to extend the cruising range by about 30% compared to the conventional model by increasing the amount of hydrogen loaded. We are proceeding with development. Details of performance evolution will be announced in the future.

Main specifications (in-house measured values)

Car name Total length
Overall width
Overall height
Wheel base
Drive system Riding capacity
Cruising distance
MIRAI Concept 4,975 1,885 1,470 2,920 Rear wheel drive Five Approximately 30% extension
(compared to the conventional type)

Source: Toyota

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