NewHydrogen Names Industry Veteran as Advisor

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Fuel Cells Works, NewHydrogen Names Industry Veteran as Advisor

Dr. Ivor John will assist the Company in deploying its first demonstration green hydrogen generator

SANTA CLARITA – NewHydrogen, Inc. (OTC:NEWH), a developer of breakthrough green hydrogen technologies, announced today that Dr. Ivor John, a recognized expert in the hydrogen value chain, including production, storage, distribution, and end use, will serve as an advisor to the Company, effective immediately.

Ivor will be focused on helping the Company identify and connect with partners and communities looking to pursue green hydrogen generation as part of their clean energy portfolio. The Company recently announced that Verde, LLC will manufacture green hydrogen generation systems for NewHydrogen, which the Company will purchase for use at the sites.

An atmospheric physicist who has worked as an environmental consultant and auditor, Ivor is specialized in air quality, climate change and the analysis of air emissions and Greenhouse Gases (GHGs). His work experience includes a broad range of industry sectors, primarily with energy, and his clients have included oil and gas companies and utilities. He has been a leader in the field of GHG emissions verification services and has audited several hundred process and manufacturing facilities. He was a founder and manager of a startup company that focused on the application of low-emissions technologies for heavy duty vehicles and fleet services. He managed one of the first large battery electric fleet deployments for the US Postal Service.

With more than ten years as an advocate of hydrogen technology advancement, Ivor has a unique understanding of the technologies used across the hydrogen value chain. He recently led the development of a Hydrogen Readiness Plan for the Central Coast Region of California. Ivor received his Bachelor of Science degree in Meteorology and Physics from the University of Reading, and his Ph.D. in Physics of the Atmosphere from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth.

“We are excited to welcome Dr. John to our team and expect him to have an immediate impact in strengthening our planning and deployment of the Company’s first demonstration Green Hydrogen Generator,” said Dr. David Lee, CEO of NewHydrogen. “His experience in hydrogen readiness planning for the California Central Coast Tri-counties draws many parallels to what we are seeking to do at NewHydrogen. We are confident that his credentials will also positively support and complement our activities at UCLA, bringing us one step closer to achieving our corporate objectives.”

NewHydrogen is currently funding a sponsored research program at the University of California, Los Angeles to lower the cost of green hydrogen by eliminating or drastically reducing the use of precious metals in electrolyzers.

About NewHydrogen, Inc.

NewHydrogen is developing a breakthrough green hydrogen generator that uses renewable energy to produce low-cost green hydrogen. Hydrogen is the cleanest and most abundant fuel in the universe. It produces zero-emission and only produces water vapor when used. Unfortunately, hydrogen does not exist in its pure form on Earth so it must be extracted from a source that contains hydrogen. For centuries, scientists have known how to split water into hydrogen and oxygen using a simple and elegant device called an electrolyzer. Unfortunately, an electrolyzer – the primary component of a hydrogen generator – is still very expensive. NewHydrogen is developing breakthrough technologies to enable the next generation of low cost electrolyzers. Our initial focus is on replacing and reducing expensive rare earth materials, to help usher in the green hydrogen economy that Goldman Sachs estimated to have a future market value of $12 trillion.

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