NexTech Materials Announces Name Change
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, October 06, 2015

Lewis Center OH–We are delighted to announce that our company name will be changing as of October 1st from NexTech Materials, Ltd. to Nexceris, LLC.  We are making the change to better reflect who we have become as a company.  While we are still materials experts and suppliers of the quality material products that our customers know, we have also grown into a company that develops complex components, devices and systems that leverage our materials expertise.  We are proud of our 20 year heritage of innovation in products for energy and the environment and excited for our future.

This change has no impact on NexTech’s current commitments.  Our correspondence address, telephone and fax numbers will remain unchanged.  Our email addresses will change to the domain and our homepage will become

NexTech was founded in 1994 by two Battelle engineers to leverage ceramic process technology for new products like fuel cells and sensors.  In 1999, the website was launched, where NexTech began to sell its unique and highly engineered materials developed for the fuel cell industry.  In 2003, NexTech began development of advanced gas sensors, also in support of the fuel cell industry.  NTM Sensors was launched in 2010 and began its offering of commercial hydrogen sensors.  These sensors and alarm systems are now sold globally for battery safety, and hydrogen monitoring for a variety of markets.

Nexceris will continue to build on the NexTech legacy with a focus on launching beneficial new products for meeting energy and environmental needs.  Nexceris has several product launch efforts that are now active.  Included in our pipeline are sensors for transportation and nuclear diagnostics, catalysts for removing ammonia and VOCs from commercial and industrial process streams, and corrosion prevention coatings for fuel cells, burners, and appliances.

Nexceris is continuing to refine and improve its internal processes to speed its product development and launch efforts.  Nexceris employs a highly sophisticated team of scientists, engineers, business, sales, and marketing professionals that help make its new products a reality.  Employing advanced tools for leading innovation, product development, voice of customer, and quality differentiates Nexceris from many other innovation businesses.

According to Bill Dawson, CEO and co-founder, “We felt it was time to change our name to better reflect the future direction of the company.  We are very excited about all of the various product launch opportunities that utilize our materials expertise embedded in sophisticated devices and systems that we can offer to improve life for our customers.”