NEXUS-e GmbH: Fuel Cell Quick Charging Stations for Battery Powered Vehicles

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Establishment of “NEXUS-e GmbH” in the field of electromobility: Production of fuel cell quick charging stations for battery vehicles by Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH and Schäfer Elektronik GmbH

The aim of the company “NEXUS-e GmbH” is the development, production and marketing of fuel cell-based fast-charging stations – with or without mains connection – for battery-powered vehicles. Both companies said that the larger industrial fuel cells from Proton Motor with power electronics, battery, and hydrogen storage from Schäfer Elektronik are to be integrated into a plug-and-play power supply.

This device provides more than one megawatt of power to power EV charging stations. It will be available either as a standalone unit or as a grid-connected unit that can also support the local area network if needed.

The new Management Board expects that the demand for the e-car industry will continue to increase in terms of mobility around Europe. This will increase the demand for charging stations for e-vehicles. In order to achieve a carbon-free balance and to avoid overloading the national grid, charging stations will most likely need to run on hydrogen fuel cells to deliver the required energy without undue burden on the grid.“We are pleased to contribute to saving our planet from the effects of global warming. Our technology always strives to preserve the world as a place worth living in, “said Schäfer electronics CEO Hansjürgen after signing the contract. Schafer and Proton Motor Director Sales & Marketing Manfred Limbrunner have been appointed to the management of “NEXUS-e”.

Within the current merger, Schäfer Elektronik GmbH assumes responsibility for the overall integration and design of the container solution for the assignment of tasks, The company is responsible for the power electronics as well as for the higher-level fuel cell battery control. The Schaeffler specialists are responsible for the project definition, planning and conception as well as the preparation of quotations according to customer requirements. In its expert function for sustainable, high-quality energy solutions in the context of the “Climate Offensive” with more than 20 years of experience, the high-tech manufacturer Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH supplies the complex fuel cell system including modules and peripherals.

“We are pleased to cooperate with Schäfer Elektronik as a strong partner in Germany as a business location. Through half a century of industry knowledge in the power supply sector, we will jointly realize tailor-made and future-oriented electromobility projects for our clients, “Manfred Limbrunner explained following the founding ceremony. And further: Based on the “CleanTech Competence” pioneering role, his company produces climate-neutral hydrogen fuel cells and combines them with selected components that have been adapted to relevant areas of application into fuel cells or hybrid systems that are ready for integration. Together with Schäfer Elektronik, the Puchheimer offer the option of services in addition to their support in the specification of the requirement profiles. Necessary components that can not be provided by the partners are ordered from third parties as required for customer inquiries. A significant long-term goal in the new “NEXUS-e” joint venture, both parties see in the award of manufacturing licenses for larger quantities of fuel cell quick charging stations for battery vehicles.

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