Nils Aldag Fills Post as the New Energy Chair at Hydrogen Europe
Nils Aldag Fills Post as the New Energy Chair at Hydrogen Europe
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, December 07, 2016
  • Hydrogen Europe’s Board Welcomes 3 New Members
  • Following highly competitive elections, with applications from several major sector players, Hydrogen Europe has welcomed Sunfire, Hydrogenics and the German Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (DWV) to its Board.

Brussels  – During the General Assembly held on 24 November, Hydrogen Europe members elected three new board members. The posts were filled by Sunfire’s Nils Aldag as the Energy Chair, Denis Thomas of Hydrogenics who secured the Membership and Joint Undertaking Commitment Chair and Werner Diwald who became the first Chair of the recently formed Association Pillar.

Hydrogen Europe Chairman, ENGIE’s Raphael Schoentgen, thanked outgoing Board Members, Katharina Beumelburg (Siemens) and Thomas Melczer (formerly of Proton Motor), for their outstanding dedication and contributions to the Association’s successes over the past few years. Mr Schoentgen pointed to the remarkable growth of Hydrogen Europe, which surpassed the 100 members mark earlier this year. It has also welcomed the first National Associations into its membership base and has made huge strides in Brussels through constructive dialogue with key political stakeholders and partner associations. The new Board

Members join the existing team, which includes Valerie Bouillon-Delporte (Michelin), Andreas Frömmel (Fuel Cell Energy Solutions) and Didier Pfleger (Alstom) alongside Mr Schoentgen. Mr Aldag, Founder, Chief Financial Officer and Head of Product Management Hydrogen and Fuels at Sunfire will now Chair the Association’s Energy Committee. As a manager in an SME, which has gained the confidence of large European corporate investors, Mr Aldag said he is committed to voicing the interests of SMEs within the Hydrogen Europe community and emphasising close collaboration with large corporations.

With more than 10 years’ experience in solar energy and energy storage, Mr Thomas has also been the lead on several hydrogen-focused projects including the Power-to-Gas Roadmap for Flanders. The EU Regulatory Affairs & Business Development Manager for Renewable Hydrogen at Belgium based Hydrogenics Europe said his key motivation is to accelerate the transition of Hydrogen Europe towards a leading and powerful industry association in Brussels, capable of rapidly and effectively influencing EU policy making for a general adoption of hydrogen technologies, all across Europe.

The expansion of Hydrogen Europe to include Associations (in addition to the existing Industry Pillar) was agreed by Members at the last General Assembly, in June. 7 National Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Associations have since signed up. On his successful election, Mr Diwald said: ‘I’m delighted to represent Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Associations from across Europe in this important platform and am determined to contribute to shaping the political framework for short term penetration of hydrogen in the market’. Hydrogen Europe’s Association Pillar Members met with several other National Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Associations, from across Europe, on the sidelines of the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking’s Stakeholder Forum on Wednesday. The group discussed their plans to co-ordinate on national and EU level policy, communication and information sharing.