Ninatrans Invests in Nikola Hydrogen Trucks

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Nina Trans Nikola TRE

The transport company Ninatrans from Leuven considers corporate social responsibility to be of very high importance. While the company recently invested in LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) trucks, Ninatrans also believes in another technology for the future, in particular trucks powered by hydrogen.

In the beginning of 2018, it was one of the first companies in Europe to place a pre-order for trucks with the American brand Nikola. This is to express confidence in the development of this technology. The reason that Ninatrans is coming with the news at this moment is because Nikola has formally confirmed that it is developing a model specifically for the European market, the Nikola TRE. This model, of which Ninatrans has ordered 10, will be officially presented in the United States in the spring of 2019.

Benny Smets, CEO of Ninatrans: “At Ninatrans we believe in this technology for long-distance transport, especially because hydrogen energy does not have any CO2 emissions. We naturally take into account that these trucks will not be in service in Belgium and the rest of Europe as of tomorrow. There is still a long way to go, among other things the building of the necessary hydrogen charging stations. But we are already looking forward to the day we can start working with our Nikola trucks.”

The Nikola TRE has a capacity of 500 to 1000 hp, a range of 500 to 1200 km, depending on the options. Charging can be done very quickly in specialised hydrogen charging stations. Further information about these vehicles on


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