Nordic Hydrogen Conference in Sandviken
Nordic Hydrogen Conference in Sandviken
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, October 25, 2016

On October 26-27, HFC Nordic is held in Sandviken, Sweden. Companies, research institutes, municipalities and others with an interest in fuel cells and hydrogen applications are gathered to discuss opportunities to reduce the carbon footprint through hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles. Petra Einarsson, President of Sandvik Materials Technology, holds the welcome speech.

The choice of Sandviken as location for the conference is an honor, but actually not surprising. A lot is happening in Sandviken around hydrogen and fuel cells. Among other things, Sweden’s fourth hydrogen fueling station will be opened in Sandviken later this year. The opening is the result of a unique collaboration between Sandviken municipality, Sandvik and AGA.

The industry has used hydrogen for more than 100 years in e.g. furnaces in the production. In Sandviken, a hydrogen pipeline runs from AGA to Sandvik’s industrial area. The fueling station is built just outside the gates and connects to the pipeline.

Fuel cells and hydrogen contributes to a cleaner world

As stated in the Paris agreement, the use of fossil fuels is not sustainable long-term and the call for renewable energy is urgent. One of the greatest challenges for energy producers however, is to store the energy from renewable sources, such as wind power. This is where hydrogen comes in. AGA produces hydrogen from the wind turbines by the use of electrolysis. Sandvik produces durable and efficient pre-coated strip steel for bipolar plates that are used in fuel cells.

The hydrogen can be transformed into energy in a number of fuel cell applications, such as cars, buses or heavy vehicles that emits only pure water.

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