Northern Sweden’s First Hydrogen Station Opens

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June 14, 2019 |

Oazer Hydrogen Station 2

This past Tuesday saw Sweden’s fourth hydrogen station inaugurated. It is located in Umeå and the first station in this northern region of Sweden.

Oazer Hydrogen Station 1The hydrogen refueling station has been developed by Oazer , a Umeå based company. Oazer’s station is a modular system which starts with the simplest filling station module which can then be built in stages. It is a small, flexible and scalable solution.

The gas station’s innovative solution means that the hydrogen gas is produced in place instead of being transported to the station. This in turn means safer and more environmentally friendly handling.

Boh Westerlund, founder of Oazer said, ” With our gas station in Umeå, we have proven that hydrogen can be made to refuel even on a small scale”





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