Norway: Collaboration Between Hynion, Hyundai and Toyota on Increased Hydrogen Capacity at Høvik

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January 10, 2020 |

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After the opening of Hynion’s hydrogen station at Høvik in Bærum in November, most of the hydrogen cars in the Oslo region have come back on the road. However, the capacity for refueling is limited, and Hynion, in collaboration with Hyundai and Toyota, has decided to do something about it.

This week an agreement was signed, in which the two car manufacturers contribute financially to Hynion’s work to expand the capacity at the hydrogen station at Høvik to meet the needs of motorists. 

The station, as it opened in November, has worked very well, and with controlled refueling has provided almost double the capacity of what it was designed for. “Now it will be expanded with a new processing line and dispenser,” says Ulf Hafseld, head of Hynion. “This provides improved capacity and will provide motorists with a better supply of hydrogen fuel. In addition, the lines will be independent and thus act as back-up stations for each other, providing greater security for refueling their car, ”continues Hafseld. With the new line, the station will be able to service 25-30 cars per day, which will be sufficient to meet today’s needs.

– Hyundai has a goal of being one of the world’s three largest electric car manufacturers by 2025, and hydrogen-electric cars represent a significant proportion of this. In the short term, it is vital for us to support customers who have already purchased a hydrogen-electric car. This makes it important for Hyundai Motor Norway to contribute to a functioning hydrogen filling infrastructure in Norway, says Product and Public Relations Manager Øyvind L. Knudsen of Hyundai Motor Norway

-Toyota has great faith in hydrogen as a fuel and as an important part of the solution to replace conventional zero-emission cars. We are soon ready for our second-generation hydrogen car, and it is important to provide adequate filling opportunities for new and existing customers. Therefore, we have today entered into a collaboration that will provide increased capacity from the station at Høvik, says Information Manager Espen Olsen in Toyota Norway.  

“We are pleased that we have reached such a collaboration that clearly shows that the hydrogen car has a place in the process of converting the vehicle park to zero emissions,” concludes Ulf Hafseld.


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