Norway State Budget: 100 mil. NOK for Increased Hydrogen Investment

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In next year’s state budget, the government has proposed to set aside NOK 100 million ($10.75m) for increased hydrogen investment, to support the development and establishment of infrastructure.

Hydrogen will be able to make a major contribution to reducing emissions nationally and globally, and to creating value for Norwegian business and industry. This investment is historic and will help to produce many exciting hydrogen projects in the coming years, says Minister of Petroleum and Energy Tina Bru.

The government wants to focus on hubs and supply chains, which facilitate the use of hydrogen. Tina Bru points out that the government’s hydrogen strategy is now being followed up with fresh funds in next year’s budget, after in the spring of 2020 NOK 120 million was allocated to innovation projects where hydrogen has a central place.

The green package, adopted before the summer of 2020, has strengthened Enova by NOK 2 billion, which the government expects will make it possible to carry out even more hydrogen projects.

To systematise this investment, she has already started work on developing its own roadmap for hydrogen in Norway.

Bru considers the investment in hydrogen to be most relevant for areas of use where there are currently few or no zero-emission alternatives, and where it can be challenging to replace fossil energy sources with clean electricity and batteries, or bio-based solutions.

The press release from the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy states that the government will work to:

  • Increase the number of pilot and demonstration projects of hydrogen and hydrogen-based solutions in Norway.
  • Contribute to the establishment of comprehensive value chains for hydrogen in Norway.
  • Facilitate the use of hydrogen in new areas of application.
  • Ensure further technology development to reduce production costs.

Source: Norsk Hydrogenforum



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