Norwegian Foods Distributor ASKO Launches Hydrogen Truck Demo
Norwegian Foods Distributor ASKO Launches Hydrogen Truck Demo
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, April 28, 2016

Four hydrogen-powered trucks and a separate hydrogen production plant run by its own solar cells. This is the first step in ASKO's new hydrogen initiative in Trondheim. The national public environmental agency Enova contributes NOK 19.6 million to the project.

Electricity and hydrogen are the future. We will to a large extent produce power from our own solar plant. We want to pioneer and push the introduction and use of environmentally friendly technology, and within a few years have realized our ambition of renewable fuels throughout our entire vehicle fleet, says CEO Jørn Arvid Endresen, CEO in ASKO Midt-Norge AS.

ASKO is one of the largest transport companies in Norway, with 600 trucks on the roads throughout the country. The hydrogen will be produced from solar cells mounted on the roof of ASKO Midt-Norge's logistics hub in Trondheim, and will be stored in a separate tank with purpose built ASKO refuelling station. This hydrogen pilot project will be tested during the period 2017-2019 on 4 hydrogen trucks and 10 forklifts for internal logistics.

Very important project

Enova contributes to the project by supporting ASKO investments in vehicles and hydrogen production facility with more than 19.6 million NOK.

ASKO is among the leaders in environmental efforts in land-based transport in Norway, showing once again that they are at the forefront of testing and introduction of new and environmentally friendly technologies. Hydrogen is a very interesting alternative to fossil fuels in land-based transport, particularly for buses and trucks running over long distances, where battery power is less appropriate, says marketing director Audhild Kvam in Enova.

Kvam thinks the ASKO project can be very important in the long term.

There is currently limited knowledge of how hydrogen-powered long-distance trucks will work under real and rough Norwegian conditions and climate. This project will help build the understanding, both at ASKO and other actors at home and abroad. If successful, this project will therefore open up opportunities to deploy more hydrogen in land-based transport, said Kvam.

We are grateful for the investment support we have received from Enova, which gives us the opportunity to realize the project in cooperation with SINTEF, says Endresen in ASKO.

This is a major milestone for a decade-long standing demonstration of hydrogen-based mobility in Norway. We are very much looking forward to follow and support ASKO's real-life demonstration of one of the first hydrogen-based heavy transport projects in the world, says Kristian E. Vik, Secretary General in Norwegian Hydrogen Forum.