Norwegian Hydrogen Association Announces Ambitious Plan for 1,000 Hydrogen Electric Powered Trucks for Norway
Norwegian Hydrogen Association Announces Ambitious Plan for 1,000 Hydrogen Electric Powered Trucks for Norway
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"We need to speed up the transition to emissions-free transport," says Secretary General Kristian E. Vik. 

  • Norwegian Hydrogen Association (NHF)  is now on the verge of a major venture with the ambition of 1,000 hydrogen electric powered trucks on Norwegian roads by 2023!

Norwegian Hydrogen Association (NHF) launched the ambition at a breakfast meeting during Arendalsuka 2018. Together with Greensight, the NHF gave a presentation showing the status of a commitment to hydrogen-electric powered trucks internationally. In Arendal, Hilde Holdhus, Greensight, and Kristian E. Vik in NHF presented the potential for using hydrogen carriers on Norwegian roads.  

Hydrogen as a zero-emission fuel for heavy transport is currently experiencing strong growth on the road to commercialization. In the United States, development has come the furthest through Nikola's great commitment. In the presentation, Greensight describes various development projects ongoing throughout the world. 

Interesting cost development

Based on conversations with industry actors, Greensight has estimated 500 annual vehicles as a level for when it is realistic to have own production lines for hydrogen-based distribution vehicles. "It gives a significant price reduction as annual production increases," explains Hilde Holdhus in Greensight. In addition to general economies of scale, the biggest savings at higher volumes are related to the price of the fuel cell system. In comparison, a diesel chassis for a corresponding vehicle with Euro IV engine costs 1.1-1.3 million NOK. VAT. Still cheaper, but a much smaller price difference than today, says Holdhus.

Hydrogen can be cheaper than diesel

Greensight has also looked at the fuel cost. The assessment is that hydrogen is less expensive than diesel as fuel if the price is below 57 kroner per kilo of hydrogen, while diesel is less expensive as fuel if the hydrogen price is over 57 kroner per kilo. "It is possible to achieve through coordinated procurement and construction of 30 distribution vehicles, even without Enova support," says Martin Hirth in Greensight who, together with Holdhus, has prepared the report. 

General Secretary Kristian E. Vik of the NHF believes Norway now has a unique opportunity to lead in the commitment to emissions-free trucks - just as we did in passenger transport. "We see that it is investing in hydrogen carriers in several countries now, also in Europe. In Switzerland, a number of major players have collaborated on a major venture that could mean 30-40 hydrogen carriers on the road already in 2019, and several hundred in a few years. At the forefront of the initiative stands Swiss Coop, which is a major wholesaler and also has fuel stations. Coop's ambition is to be fossil-free by 2023, and they are completely dependent on getting a range of hydrogen carriers on the road to reach this goal. Vik believes this is a good starting point. "Impatient transport users are an important driving force for faster development. By cooperating with the Swiss initiative, Norway can contribute to a rapid increase in the demand for hydrogen carriers. The time has come to invest properly in this segment, and we are therefore launching in the Norwegian Hydrogen Forum now the ambassador of 1,000 hydrogen carriers on Norwegian roads by 2023, "concludes Vik. 

Hilde Holdhus, Greensight, and Kristian E. Vik, NHF, presented the ambition of 1,000 hydrogen carriers in a packed room at NHF's breakfast meeting under Arendalsuka.

Read NHF and Greensights note here 

Source:Norwegian Hydrogen Association