Norwegian Public Enterprise Enova Supports Four New Hydrogen Stations with NOK 24 million in Funding

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With more than 24 million in Enova support, Uno-X Hydrogen will establish two hydrogen filling stations in the Trondheim area, one in Fredrikstad and one mobile hydrogen station.

On the road to the low-emission society, different technologies must be tested to reduce emissions from the transport sector. In addition to supporting the establishment of fast-charging stations, Enova also offers  support for the construction of hydrogen filling stations through annual announcements. This year, support is given to four projects under the auspices of Uno-X Hydrogen for the establishment of new filling stations.

“In order to reach our climate targets, it is absolutely necessary to reduce emissions from transport drastically. The success of Norway for the electric cars is uplifting and shows how fast change can take place. There is no doubt that hydrogen will be important for Norway to reach our climate targets and eventually become a zero-emission society. We need a major focus on future energy solutions, and four new filling stations for hydrogen vehicles are a good step on the road, “says climate and environmental minister Ola Elvestuen.

“By supporting some selected filling points, we want to help Norway build experience about the use of hydrogen in the transport sector. To facilitate balanced growth in the hydrogen market when access to vehicles eventually rises. The new stations of Uno-X Hydrogen will contribute to the development of expertise in both companies, suppliers and users, “says Enova, Nils Kristian Nakstad, Managing Director.

In addition to the three stations in Trondheim and Fredrikstad, Uno-X Hydrogen will establish a mobile hydrogen station in Akershus, which will ensure the supply of hydrogen in an interim phase until sufficient hydrogen stations are established in the county. Then Uno-X Hydrogen plans to use the station as a corridor station to link West Norway and Eastern Norway.

“The removable filling station is particularly interesting for us. The fact that the drive is removable makes it particularly suitable to help build small markets and increase operational reliability at other stations. We believe it is important to build expertise and experience in this area, “says Nakstad.

The four hydrogen stations will be operational by 1 September 2020. Enova confirms that it will be possible to apply for support for the construction of filling stations also in 2019.

Uno-X Hydrogen opened a new hydrogen station on Hvam in Skedsmo on November 22. In addition, the company operates the stations in Åsane and Sandvika. All three stations have received investment support from Enova.

About Enova

Enova is working for Norway's conversion to the low-emission society. The conversion requires that we cut greenhouse gas emissions, safeguard security of supply and create new values. Therefore, Enova is working to develop new energy and climate technologies and to make good use of the solutions in the market.

Enova SF is located in Trondheim and has 75 employees. The company is owned by the Ministry of Climate and Environment, and is funded through the Climate and Energy Fund and a low cost impact on electricity bills.


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