October 8-National Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Day
October 8-National Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Day
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In recognition of the benefits of fuel cell and hydrogen energy technology, on October 8th, industry, friends, and supporters are celebrating National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day to help raise awareness of a clean energy technology that is here now. October 8th was chosen as a reference to the of the atomic weight of Hydrogen, 1.008.

Hydrogen and fuel cell technology is here now

Hydrogen can now be generated from a range of domestic sources.

More than 150,000 fuel cell systems are in operation right now.

Hundreds of businesses in North America are powering facilities, warehouses, and data centers with fuel cells now.

Hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric vehicles are hitting the nation’s roads now, and thousands more are coming.

More than 50 retail hydrogen stations are open or under construction in California now, the start of a nationwide network.

Fuel cells and hydrogen are making an impact now by reducing pollution and increasing energy security.

The technology is here now, and the fuel cell and hydrogen energy tax credits are important to the continued success of the industry.

Show your support of hydrogen and fuel cells now!

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Click here to sign up for the National Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Day Thunderclap and add your voice.

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