Oorja  Announces New Fuel Cell Solution for  Materials Handling Market and Other Mobile Applications
Oorja Announces New Fuel Cell Solution for Materials Handling Market and Other Mobile Applications
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New Oorja Model 3 Brings Productivity Improvements and a Green Energy Source for Mobile Power Applications

FREMONT, California -- Oorja Protonics, Inc., a global leader in liquid fuel cell technology, announces a new product, the Oorja Model 3 fuel cell system.


The Oorja Model 3 is a methanol fuel cell system that operates as an on-board battery charger for a variety of materials handling applications such as the powering of electric Class III forklifts, scissor lifts and boom lifts, or other mobile applications such as light towers or mobile power for the military. The Model 3 keeps the onboard battery at a high state of charge, eliminating the need for battery swapping and rapid charging, thus decreasing downtime cost and improving productivity. The refueling infrastructure for the common industrial liquid methanol takes little space and is inexpensive and safe.

Key Features and Benefits

The Oorja Model 3 fuel cell provides 1.1 kW of net power at 24V or 48V. It comes with an integrated 3-gallon tank for methanol, enough to generate power for about 14 hours if the system is used continuously.

When using Oorja’s Model 3 systems to extend battery range, customers save on multiple fronts: no need to swap batteries anymore, no need to buy costly and bulky battery chargers, and much less frequent need to water the batteries.

Furthermore, batteries last longer because they are never brought to a deeply discharged state. Typical Class III forklifts slow down noticeably after four or five hours of operation because their batteries become partially depleted. With Oorja fuel cells, batteries are maintained at a high level of charge, and forklifts can easily finish an entire shift at full speed. This results in substantial productivity improvements for warehouse operations.

Oorja fuel cells run on methanol, a fuel that is widely available, inexpensive, safe for transport and storage, and that does not require, unlike hydrogen, a substantial infrastructure investment. Furthermore, methanol provides customers with a green energy solution with substantially reduced greenhouse gas emissions. With improved productivity, increased performance, reduced operating costs, and a clean and safe fueling solution, the Oorja Model 3 typically offers return on investment in less than 24 months while providing full grid independence. “We are particularly happy with our new Oorja Model 3 fuel cells,” said Manny Lopes, Director of Operations at Baldor Specialty Foods, Inc., serving Boston, New York, and Washington, D.C. “They keep our pallet jacks running at top speed for an entire shift, and we do not have to swap batteries in mid shift anymore; this has translated into greater productivity for us. We also very much appreciate the fact that the Oorja fuel cells produce clean energy.”

Product Availability the Oorja Model 3 fuel cell system is available immediately for orders.

About Oorja Fuel Cells

Oorja is a world leader in liquid fuel cell technology for the telecommunications and materials-handling industries and other mobile and stationary applications. Oorja fuel cells use methanol, a common, abundant, and readily available liquid fuel. The company’s patented technology provides a high-power solution for multiple applications, allowing customers to lower operating costs while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The company is located in Fremont, California.

For more information, visit www.oorjafuelcells.com