Open Energi Selected by ITM Power to Optimise Electrolysers

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  • Real-time energy optimisation to reduce the cost of low-carbon hydrogen for transportation
  • Experts estimate hydrogen could grow into $2.5tn industry by 2050

LONDON — Open Energi announced its partnership  with ITM Power plc (ITM.L) to reduce the cost of producing low-carbon hydrogen at electrolyser sites serving a network of vehicle refuelling stations across the UK.

Open Energi has connected its Dynamic Demand 2.0 energy optimisation platform to six 330 KW hydrogen electrolysers, including two Hydrogen Refuelling Stations (HRS) supplied and managed by ITM Power at Shell service stations in Cobham and Beaconsfield, and four additional ITM Power sites in Sheffield, Teddington, Rainham and Swindon.

Dynamic Demand 2.0 uses artificial intelligence to optimise hydrogen production as it relates to electricity prices and renewable generation in real-time. This information automatically matches the energy consumption required in the production of hydrogen to times when the supply of low-cost, clean energy is at its highest. By identifying and tapping into these pockets of flexible capacity in the energy grid, Open Energi will be able to reduce the cost of hydrogen production.

David Hill, Director, Open Energi, said: “With the UK setting net-zero emissions targets into law, the potential of hydrogen to act as a clean fuel source is absolutely beyond question. This is especially true for the heating and transportation sectors, which are the most difficult to decarbonise. ITM Power is leading the way when it comes to realising the potential of this technology. Our partnership will help unlock greater efficiencies in the production of hydrogen at scale, ultimately enabling consumers to reduce their bills and carbon footprints simultaneously.”

The partnership between Open Energi and ITM Power coincides with the extension of the UK refuelling collaboration agreement between ITM and Shell, which covers the refuelling of all types of hydrogen vehicles; from passenger cars to commercial vehicles, including buses, trucks, trains and ships. It also forms part of the Hydrogen Mobility Europe (H2ME) programme funded by the FCHJU, a flagship project giving fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) drivers access to the first truly pan-European network of hydrogen refuelling stations.

Dr Graham Cooley, CEO, ITM Power, said: “We have developed an excellent working relation with Open Energi. Using electrolysis for grid balancing is a key principle in the generation of Green Hydrogen and we are delighted to be working with a world leader.”

Looking ahead, Open Energi will continue to partner with ITM Power on a range of projects designed to accelerate the to accelerate the use of low-carbon hydrogen as an energy resource with a variety of applications.

According to a report from the Hydrogen Council, developed with support of McKinsey, hydrogen has the potential to develop into a $2.5tn industry, supporting 30 million jobs by 2050. The group, which is made up of multinational companies including BMW, Toyota and Hyundai, also forecasts as many as 15 million vehicles and 500,000 trucks could be powered by hydrogen by 2030


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