OrangeGas Opens First Hydrogen Fuel Station in Amsterdam-Sixth Station in Netherlands

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Fuel cells works, OrangeGas Opens First Hydrogen Fuel Station in Amsterdam-Sixth Station in Netherlands

With this, another step has been taken to realize OrangeGas H2 ambition: to become one of the largest hydrogen operators in Europe.

Previously, a hydrogen station was opened in The Hague and now the second has opened in Amsterdam. With the new hydrogen station, the Netherlands has six public hydrogen stations. The petrol station is located along the A5, at Australhavenweg 116, and is open 24/7. Passenger cars (700 Bar) can go here and later this year also trucks (350 Bar). 

Only 100% clean fuels
The hydrogen station has been realized at a location of OG where only 100% clean fuels are offered: Bio-CNG (green gas), electricity and liquid Co2 and soon also HVO100 and LBG. With the addition of hydrogen, this is the first and therefore unique location in the Netherlands where only a wide pallet of clean fuels is offered at one location. “Such an initiative fits perfectly with the sustainability strategy of Port of Amsterdam. It contributes to the necessary scaling-up of hydrogen. ” according to the Port of Amsterdam.

Joyce van Os de Man, Benelux director at OG: “How proud can you be? It is unbelievably cool that the hydrogen station in Amsterdam is now open at our 100% own filling station where other clean fuels are also offered. The whole team has worked very hard to make it happen as quickly as possible. With this station we are perfectly in line with the zero-emission policy of the Municipality of Amsterdam, although biofuels are at least as sustainable well-to-wheel and this should also be embraced in the policy. ”

The station
The supplier of the hydrogen station is Nel Hydrogen from Denmark. Nel is one of the best proven and largest suppliers in Europe in the field of Hydrogen. Rijngas and HyGeartake care of the hydrogen at this location.

The municipality of Amsterdam as a customer
The municipality of Amsterdam is one of the customers that will be running six garbage trucks on hydrogen in 2021 and has the ambition to expand this further in the future. In addition to the municipality, there are mainly private individuals and taxis that run on hydrogen. There is a lot of interest from the transport and construction companies to switch to hydrogen trucks with the arrival of this filling station.

Ambition OG
OG has the ambition to become one of the largest suppliers in the field of hydrogen in Europe and is currently actively working on ten projects. Locations where the stations will be realized include Leeuwarden, Schiphol, Borne, Heerenveen, Delfzijl, Breda and various places in Drenthe.

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Hydrogen vehicles
Ex-factory there are currently two cars available: the Toyota Mirai and the Hyundai Nexo. In addition to passenger cars, there are also various options for delivery vans and trucks, ex-factory and conversion. Because the purchase of hydrogen vehicles is higher than conventional vehicles, there are various subsidy options. offers a diverse range of hydrogen cars.


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