Övik Energi Partners with Liquid Wind to provide CO2 for First Commercial-Scale Electro-Fuel Facility

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Ovik Energi Partners with Liquid Wind to provide CO2 for First Commercial Scale Electro Fuel Facility

Övik Energi will partner with Liquid Wind to provide CO2 and the location for the first commercial-scale electro-fuel facility.

Biogenic carbon dioxide emissions from the energy facility will be captured and combined with renewable hydrogen to form liquid carbon-neutral fuel. The fuel will be used by the marine industry to enable carbon-neutral shipping.

Liquid Wind will develop, build and manage eFuel facilities to meet the growing demand for liquid renewable fuels. Through the partnership with Övik Energi, Liquid Wind have secured the site and CO2 source for their first facility. The site is located on the northeast coast of Sweden, where Liquid Wind will also have access to the low cost renewable electricity needed to produce the fuel. Once operational, each year the fuel facility will upcycle 70,000 tons of CO2 into 50,000 tons of carbon-neutral fuel. This fuel will be used to replace fossil fuels, preventing the emission of 100,000 tons of carbon dioxide every year.

“Having the opportunity to be among the first in the world to capture and use biogenic carbon dioxide to produce electro-fuel is very exciting”, says Kristina Säfsten, CEO, Övik Energi.

This development opportunity strengthens our role as an energy supplier, enabling us to become more energy efficient in our production as well as reducing our carbon emissions.

“We are delighted to be collaborating with Övik Energi. There are many synergies between our two companies which will be very valuable. It is also very exciting to have secured the site for our first facility, bringing us closer to delivering carbon-neutral fuel to market”, comments Claes Fredriksson, CEO, Liquid Wind.

The two companies will now work closely to efficiently integrate their operations. Liquid Wind’s facility will be constructed on Övik Energi’s Hörneborgsverket site, minimizing the distance of transportation for shared resources. Using efficient carbon capture technology and solvents, Liquid Wind will capture and concentrate CO2 from Övik Energi’s emissions. In the Liquid Wind facility, green hydrogen will be produced from renewable electricity and water. This hydrogen will then be combined with the captured CO2 in a reactor to form methanol. The two facilities will also exchange steam and waste heat to maximise resources and efficiency.

Liquid Wind has a strong Consortium which will supply technology and expertise for the production of eMethanol. Together they will plan the technology integration and design the facility, in close collaboration with Övik Energi. The total investment is approximately 1.5 billion SEK and the goal is to make the investment decision in early 2022. The eMethanol that will be produced is expected to be used for shipping and Liquid Wind is in advanced discussions with a leading shipping company that plans to use it to fuel a new ship. With a construction time of approximately 2 years, the eMethanol will likely be available from early 2024, just in time for the new vessels to be operational.

About Liquid Wind

Liquid Wind is a Power-to-Fuel Development Company committed to reducing carbon emissions. From Gothenburg, Sweden, the emerging company will develop, finance, build and manage replicable facilities to accelerate the transition to carbon neutral transportation and industry. Liquid Wind, with their expert Consortium, will offer investors bankable eMethanol facilities. The facilities will produce renewable liquid fuel to enable their partners to meet their sustainability goals.



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