PACECO Group Introduces a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Pack

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Fuel Cells Works, PACECO Group Introduces a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Pack

Mitsui E&S Machinery Co., Ltd. (MES-M) announced the successful completion and power generation verification of a hydrogen fuel cell power pack (FCPP), developed as a critical power system for the Rubber-Tired-Gantry crane (tradename: Transtainer®). MES-M is performing this development project under a grant from the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO). Fuel Cell integration and performance tests were carried out with Mitsui E&S Power Systems, Inc., a subsidiary of MES-M. The FCPP will be installed on a Transtainer® crane in MES-M Oita Works for further testing and optimization.

This is the first application of the integration with Toyota Motor Corporation’s fuel cell and large high-pressure hydrogen fuel tanks in a non-automotive application worldwide.  Development of the zero-emission Transtainer (H2-ZE Transtainer crane) shall be realized in 2023. Furthermore, the adaptation of FCPP to other applications is also under consideration.

Ichiro Tanaka, President and CEO of MES-M, said: “As the push for decarbonization intensifies, MES-M is aggressively investing in zero emission technologies to achieve the marine and port industry goal of decarbonization. The FCPP is a major milestone to achieve decarbonization.” MES-M is engaged in solving social issues through its advanced business activities across business units to create a decarbonized society. MES-M is developing ammonia fuel marine engines and fuel supply equipment at our Tamano Works, an attractive next-generation fuel in the marine transport industry. Furthermore, in order to develop hydrogen fuel marine engine technologies, MES-M is constructing a hydrogen supply facility (liquefied hydrogen storage tanks and hydrogen gas compressors) with a target completion date of June 2023.

Finally, MES-M will contribute to the advancement of decarbonization of the marine sector, including ships and port equipment, by offering environmentally friendly products.


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