Edotco Malaysia Deploys Fuel Cell for Remote Areas

Edotco Malaysia Deploys Fuel Cell Hybrid Renewable Energy Solution to Power Remote and Off Grid Sites

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edotco Malaysia announced that the Company has deployed a hybrid renewable energy solution with fuel cells to power remote, off grid sites in the state of Sabah.

The complete off-grid solution is able to generate clean energy to power base transceiver stations (BTS) located in remote areas with limited access to electricity grid, said the Company.


SKYRE Announces the World’s First Commercially Available High-Pressure Electrochemical Hydrogen Separation and Compression System

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H2RENEW™ solves problem of increasing cost and tight supply of hydrogen by recycling hydrogen while simultaneously reducing companies’ carbon emissions

EAST HARTFORD, Conn. — SKYRE, a global clean energy leader that builds and sells hydrogen renewal systems, has announced the release of its newest product: the H2RENEW™ compact electrochemical hydrogen compressor.

Hydrogenious Get H2 Project

GET H2 – Hydrogenious Technologies on Board for Future Germany-Wide Hydrogen Infrastructure Project

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The GET H2 initiative, which brings together RWE Generation SE, Siemens, ENERTRAG, Stadtwerke Lingen, Hydrogenious Technologies, Nowega as well as Forschungszentrum Jülich and IKEM – Institute for Climate Protection, Energy and Mobility, aims to use hydrogen to advance the energy revolution.

High Pressure Hydrogen Tanks

HYPOS Partners Work on Safe and Lightweight High Pressure Tanks for Storing and Transporting Green Hydrogen

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Partners from HYPOS want to enable operating pressures of up to 1000 bar

Green hydrogen plays a key role in the energy transition, as it can be the connecting element between the electricity, mobility and industry sectors. For these potentials to unfold, efficient processes for the storage and transport of green hydrogen are necessary. 

nikola two bosch

Nikola and Bosch Develop Fuel Cell Powertrain for the Nikola Two Truck

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Bosch has worked hand-in-hand with Nikola in helping develop the Nikola powertrain

  • Nikola and Bosch develop fuel cell powertrain for the Nikola Two Alpha– together.
  • Nikola trucks feature Bosch innovations such as Mirror Cam system, Perfectly Keyless and Servotwin steering system.
  • Jason Roycht, vice president and regional business unit leader, Commercial Vehicles & Off-Road for Bosch in North America: “This has been a two-and-a-half year cooperation targeted at implementing advanced technology into a totally new and unique approach to trucking with the highest levels of engineering excellence.”
  • “Bosch has been our innovation partner to help make our vision a reality.” – Trevor Milton, Nikola founder and CEO.
Arcola Energy New Facility Main

Arcola Energy New Manufacturing, Installation and Fleet Facility to Support Liverpool’s Hydrogen Buses

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  • Arcola Energy to open Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Powertrain Manufacturing Installation and Fleet Support Facility in Liverpool City Region

Arcola Energy, a leading UK clean-tech business working in hydrogen and fuel cell technology, has secured 15,000 sqft newly-built premises for expansion in to the Liverpool City Region borough of Knowsley.

Anglo American Hydrogen Truck Plans

Anglo American Sets One Year Goal for Hydrogen Trucks

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In its Presentation of 2018 Sustainability Performance and goals for 2019, Anglo American laid out its plans for addressing the low-carbon economy as it pertains to Anglo and its “FutureSmart Mining“.

Tony O’Neill Technical Director, Anglo American announced that the company was working on an innovative solution to power its haul trucks by hydrogen using solar panels.

fuel cells works, metacon, hydrogen

Metacon’s Subsidiary Helbio Signs Agreement with EDA for Small CHP Fuel Cell System

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Helbio will be delivering and installing at EDA premise a 2.5 kW CHP system based on reformate hydrogen production via steam reforming of Natural Gas and Low Temperature PEM fuel cell for outdoor operation. The principal specifications of the system are the rated electric power production capacity of 2.5 kW and the rated thermal power production capacity of 3 Kw. The order value is EUR 35,000.

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