Research Team Develops New Catalyst Method, Paving the Way for Mass Production of Hydrogen Using Solar

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A research team led by DGIST Professor Jong-Sung Yu's team at the Department of Energy Science and Engineering has successfully developed a new catalyst synthesis method that can efficiently decompose water into oxygen and hydrogen using solar light. It is expected that this method will facilitate hydrogen mass production due to higher efficiency than the…

HTEC and Harnois Sign Letter of Intent to Partner on Hydrogen Refueling Network in Quebec

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Vancouver, British Columbia– HTEC (Hydrogen Technology & Energy Corporation) and Harnois Groupe pétrolier (HGP) today announced they have signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) to partner on hydrogen refueling activities. HTEC is a globally recognized leader in sustainable hydrogen fuel supply solutions for zero-emission fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs). HGP is a leading station owner and petroleum-product…

Woodside Petroleum is Positive about the Future for Hydrogen

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The world’s future lies in clean energy and Woodside intends to be at the vanguard of its supply through hydrogen. The Hydrogen Council forecasts the hydrogen market currently worth $120 billion annually could expand seven-fold by 2050.  Under head of commercialisation Shannon O’Rourke, commercialisation managers Andrea Galt, Nancy Nguyen and Sussan Johnson are examining potential markets…

European Union to Fund Hydrogen Buses in Iceland

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In a recent report by RÚV it was revealed that the capital region bus company, Strætó, has received 95 million ISK from the European Union to purchase hydrogen-fuelled buses by the end of this year. The grant is part of the European Union effort and goal to bring 300 hydrogen buses online in the next few…

Hydrogen-powered broadband in rural areas

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Broadway Partners is trialling the TCP (Taylor Construction Plant Ltd) Ecolite CH2 hydrogen fuel cell power unit as an environmentally friendly way of running their broadband transmitters in remote areas The low-carbon Ecolite CH2 is a cabinet and manifolded gas cage, powered by a HYMERA® hydrogen fuel cell from BOC, a member of The Linde…

Fuel Cell Delivery Van Project to Improve California Air Quality, Move Industry toward Zero Emission

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Atlanta, GA, October 2018 — The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has preliminarily awarded $5,831,866 million dollars to the Center for Transportation and the Environment (CTE) for Next Generation Fuel Cell Delivery Van Deployment.  The Next Generation Fuel Cell Delivery Van Deployment Project will develop, validate, and deploy four fuel cell hybrid electric delivery vans with an eye toward commercialization of the technology….

Colruyt Group Opens First Green Public Hydrogen Filling Station

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Colruyt Group opens its first public hydrogen filling station. From now on, customers can buy conventional and green fuels at the DATS 24 filling station in Halle (Dassenveld), as well as 100% green hydrogen that is produced using renewable electricity from energy specialist Eoly. The integration of a hydrogen pump in a 'traditional' filling station…

H2V Industry and HydrogenPro Join Forces

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After a nearly 12 months in-depth technical and commercial evaluation, H2V Industry has finally chosen HydrogenPro to be the final partner for the Dunkirk project. The project consists in the construction of five massive (100 MW each) hydrogen production units over 5 years, with the first unit to be in operations by the end of…

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