China: The Country’s First “Liquid Organic Hydrogen Storage” Project About to go Large Scale

By | News | No Comments February 15, 2019

Recently, the first phase of the Hydrogen Storage Materials Project of Hydrogen Yangxin Materials Co., Ltd. was successfully completed marking the industrialization of “organic liquid hydrogen storage technology” and a substantial step has been taken to lay the foundation for the large-scale production of hydrogen storage materials in China.

E-Trucks Europe is Building Hydrogen-Electric Hybrid Garbage Trucks

By | News | No Comments February 14, 2019

E-Trucks Europe is building hydrogen-electric hybrid garbage trucks. The driveline of these garbage trucks is 100% electric, which means they are quiet and do not emit greenhouse gases and particulate matter. To extend the range, a hydrogen system is installed on these vehicles, which converts hydrogen into electricity with pure water as a waste product. In this way, the vehicles can be used 24 hours a day and remain silent and clean.