Paris Region’s Mature Hydrogen Ecosystem

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Fuel Cells Works, Paris Region’s Mature Hydrogen Ecosystem

A rich and mature Hydrogen ecosystem already exists in Paris Region and is encouraged by Paris Region’s local incentives and investments. The multitude of stakeholders in the region are playing a fundamental role in bringing public authorities and private players to the same table. They are creating strong partnerships to unlock the potential of low carbon hydrogen and drive its mass deployment.

Paris Region is a prime location for:

  • Hydrogen R&D centers: +300 private and public International R&D centers are working on hydrogen (Air Liquide, Total Energies, Schlumberger, CEA, etc.)
  • Engineering schools : the region has +50 engineering schools dedicated to training engineers
  • Breakthrough innovations dedicated to accelerating the deployment of hydrogen engines (Road, Rail, River and Air).
  • The deployment of low-emission infrastructures and solutions to meet the challenges of climate change
  • The production of renewable and low-carbon hydrogen

The first asset of Paris Region’s economy is its concentration of corporate headquarters +500. Those with a direct link to hydrogen production include : Hynamics (EDF), EngieTotal EnergiesAir LiquideGRT GAZHyviaADP (Aéroport de Paris), Haropa, , …

In addition, 2 major Hydrogen Clubs are supporting the growth of the ecosystem: The Hydrogen Club of Paris Region and France Hydrogen.

A fast-growing market where opportunities abound

Ambitious decarbonisation policies in the field of transportation and mobility make Paris Region’s hydrogen market one of the fastest growing and potentially the largest in Europe. There is a high- demand for low carbon hydrogen solutions meaning investors will see a return on their investments. Paris Region’s ambitions for hydrogen mobility

  • Number of light vehicles: 16000 / 1125000
  • Number of heavy vehicles: 2500 / 37000
  • Number of public and private stations: 35 public -15 private stations / 300 public – 50 private stations
  • Volume of hydrogen distributed: 16 kt/year (gas and liquid) : 350 kt/year (gas and liquid)
  • Electrolyser capacity 165 MW / 3000 MW

Paris Region’s ambitions for hydrogen mobility

The 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games will be the first carbon-neutral Games and showcase the Region’s hydrogen solutions for athlete and spectator transportation (cabs, VTCs, buses, river shuttles, etc.) and electricity supply (hydrogen generators).Accelerators dedicated to Hydrogen solutions in Paris Region

  • RICE (GRTgaz Research & Innovation Centre for Energy): The FenHyx (Future Energy Networks for Hydrogen and miX) research platform aims to test the capacity of existing and new gas infrastructures to transport and integrate hydrogen. Learn More.
  • The Lab CRIGEN is part of the ENGIE Labs network, is ENGIE Group’s corporate center for R&D and high-level expertise devoted to new energy resources (hydrogen, biogas and liquefied gases), new energy uses in towns and cities, the buildings and industries of tomorrow, and emerging technologies (computer sciences and AI, drones and robots, nanotechnologies and sensors). Learn More.
  • EVOLEN’ UP, Startup accelerator in the energy sector. The EVOLEN’ UP mission is to open up EVOLEN’s industrial ecosystem to all startups with innovative solutions in order to meet the energy challenges of today and tomorrow. Learn More.
  • Impulse Labs is an accelerator that was developed to act as a bridge between large corporate groups and startups so they can learn from each other and develop win-win relationships. Corporate groups specify their needs while ecosystem startups promote, commercialize, and give exposure to their innovations. Impulse Labs focus mainly on the construction, real estate and energy industries. Learn More.
  • EGHAC: The European Green Hydrogen Acceleration Center (EGHAC) creates industrial players which they help to de-risk and accelerate their green hydrogen initiatives. Learn More.

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