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BUDAPEST, HUNGARY — GOLDI Mobility Kft (GOLDI), Liaoning Alsafe Technology Company Limited (Alsafe) and Hy-Hybrid Energy (Hy-Hybrid) have formed partnership on hydrogen storage solutions for exploring heavy-duty transport and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) market in EU.

GOLDI has plans for manufacturing & selling 12 & 18m fuel cell buses in Europe. Furthermore, the Company is exploring the hydrogen-powered drone market. In order to grow their business in these two applications (heavy-duty transport and drone), GOLDI has signed an exclusive local distribution agreement for selling Alsafe hydrogen storage tanks in Europe.

Hy-Hybrid will provide all the technical support required by GOLDI’s customers in hydrogen storage solutions for heavy-duty transport and unmanned aerial vehicle applications. Alsafe will meet the GOLDI’s customer demand as per order initiated by GOLDI.

GOLDI will sell Alsafe hydrogen storage tanks 350 bar, 60-180 L water capacity for heavy-duty transport applications and 350 bar, 3-12 L water capacity for unmanned aerial vehicle applications to its EU customers. The product manufacturer, Alsafe, can also meet customized demand of thread, color, specification, valve, pressure range, such as, 150-700 bar. Furthermore, GOLDI will support complete hydrogen storage solutions, including installation and debugging along with its partners’ support.

Liaoning Alsafe Technology Company Limited:

Liaoning Alsafe Technology Company Limited (Alsafe) located in Yilu Industrial Park, Tieling City, Liaoning province is a professional manufacturer of industrial gas cylinders. The annual production of various types of gas cylinders reaches more than one million. The company produces high-pressure seamless aluminum alloy gas cylinders, carbon fiber fully wound respirator composite gas cylinders, medical oxygen cylinders, diving gas cylinders, and other products. The company meets DOT, EN and ISO standards for gas cylinders and began to develop hydrogen storage tanks and supply systems since 2012.

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GOLDI provides manufacturing and repair services for public transportation (trams and buses) since 1981. As an ambitious Hungarian manufacturer, GOLDI plans for local assembly of fuel cell electric drivetrains for buses and drones, including fuel cells, batteries, supercapacitors, electric motors and control systems.

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