Pedal Power Cargo Service Delivers BOC’s GENIE® Hydrogen Cylinders to Ecolite Hydrogen Fuel Cell Temporary Light Towers at Highbury Corner Roundabout Roadworks

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July 12, 2019 |

Pedal Power Cargo TCP Delivery1

For the first time ever, the cylinder exchange for Taylor Construction Plant Ltd (TCP) Ecolite TH200 hydrogen fuel cell light towers have been delivered by pedal power cargo service.

London-based Pedal Me transported BOC’s GENIE® hydrogen cylinders to Transport for London (TfL)’s Highbury Corner Roundabout roadworks today where the temporary hydrogen fuel cell light towers are in operation whilst work is being carried out.

Michael Barratt MBE, Development Impact Manager and driver of innovation at TfL, was there to witness the sustainable transport cylinder change for the temporary light towers alongside TCP, Pedal Me and Ringway Jacobs (part of the London Highways Alliance) who are carrying out the TfL project at Highbury Corner Roundabout to make the area safer and more convenient for cyclists and pedestrians.

The application of the temporary light towers and the cylinder change by pedal power has been initiated by Michael Barratt MBE to reduce noise and air pollution to nearby residents and pedestrians. The Ecolite TH200 hydrogen fuel cell off-grid light tower, developed in partnership with BOC, a Linde company, using their HYMERA® fuel cell generator technology, produces zero carbon emissions at point of delivery, is virtually silent in operation and uses prismatic lens technology to eliminate light pollution.

Currently there are two Ecolite TH200 hydrogen fuel cell light towers being used onsite by Ringway Jacobs who embraced the product after a successful trial. Cllr Caroline Russell, Highbury East ward, Islington and London Assembly Member has also seen the hydrogen light towers in action at Highbury Corner Roundabout and is enthusiastic about the project:

“It’s great to be replacing particulate-belching diesel-powered lighting with a less polluting lower carbon system. And it’s the icing on the cake that the fuel is delivered by cargo bike. This is a perfect way to help fix the air pollution crisis and tackle the climate emergency.”

As a well-known catalyst for the use of sustainable cycle deliveries to construction, Michael Barratt MBE, together with Caroline Russell, supports the use of zero emission lighting, and the refuelling of these units in a safe, sustainable, and cost-effective manner:

“It’s fantastic news that companies such as TCP are willing to try environmentally friendly methods of delivery. The more open to change we become, the more we promote sustainability, the better things will be.”


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