pH-Matter Awarded Patent for Reversible Fuel Cell

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Columbus, Ohio – pH Matter was recently awarded U.S. patent 10,844,497 for an advanced electrochemical cell design.

The technology enables low cost production of “green” hydrogen, which is currently used in zero-emission fleet vehicles, as well as long-duration energy storage.

The technology will aid in the ongoing transition to sustainable energy sources. As more renewable energy is added to electrical grids, long duration energy storage is needed. Further, zero emission fuel is needed for heavy duty applications where battery power is not realistic.

Green hydrogen is expected to replace diesel fuel for applications including buses, heavy-duty trucks, ships, and trains.

The invention was developed in previous work for the Department of Energy, NASA, and commercial partners for reversible fuel cells and electrolyzers.

The technology is being commercialized through pH Matter’s affiliate, Power to Hydrogen ( The patent adds to pH Matter’s growing intellectual property portfolio, which includes its patented boron nitride nano-materials, the liquid fuel battery, over 10 pending U.S. and international patents related to catalysts, fuel cells, electrolysis, and batteries, licensed technologies from its partners, and numerous trade secrets.

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