pHYnix Contracts Tresca Ingeniería for Green Hydrogen Plant

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Fuel Cells Works, pHYnix Contracts Tresca Ingeniería for Green Hydrogen Plant

The Leonese company Tresca Ingeniería will be in charge of the engineering design of the Vitale plant, a commercial-size green hydrogen production facility (10 MW) to be built in Alcázar de San Juan (Ciudad Real). The production, 1,450 tons of clean H2 per year, will begin in 2023 and will supply zero emissions fuel to the transport of goods and passengers in the Community of Madrid.

pHYnix , an independent and integrated producer of green hydrogen, has contracted Tresca Ingeniería to develop the engineering for the construction of the Vitale project, and its supervision until the start-up of the plant. Tessa indicates that, in addition to supplying green hydrogen to transport in Madrid, a pilot project for the injection of hydrogen into the natural gas network will be developed according to the percentages currently allowed.

In the words of Francisco Carro, General Director of Tresca Ingeniería, “this type of initiative is increasingly leading us towards the decarbonized industry. Vitale is a challenge for us in which we put, at the service of pHYnix, all the baggage that we have accumulated in the years that we have been researching hydrogen, as well as all the experience achieved in our 20 years of life responding to the demands of complex sectors ”.

The engineering for the construction of the plant includes the design of the processes, the selection of the electrolyzer, the design of the auxiliary systems of the plant as well as all the engineering for the construction of the civil infrastructures.

The Vitale site has strategic characteristics for the development of this project. Located 150 km from Madrid, in the center of the Community of Castilla La Mancha, it has adequate road and train communications for the distribution of green hydrogen.

About pHYnix

pHYnix is ​​an independent European company dedicated to the production, transformation and commercialization of renewable hydrogen generation plants, with teams distributed between France, Spain and Portugal. The company is a subsidiary of EverWatt, specialized in energy management and decarbonisation of territories, whose majority shareholder is Transition Evergreen, the first investment fund listed in France dedicated to the ecological transition and the reduction of the carbon footprint.

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