PitPoint invests in High V.LO-City hydrogen refueling station in Antwerp
PitPoint invests in High V.LO-City hydrogen refueling station in Antwerp
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, April 10, 2017

PitPoint acquired its first hydrogen refueling station by taking over the High V.LO-City refueling station in Antwerp on the 1st of January 2017.

Antwerp is one of the demonstration sites in the High V.LO-City project, which aims at facilitating the deployment of fuel cell electric buses and their related hydrogen refueling infrastructure in four European cities.

The refueling station in Antwerp has been in operation since the 1st December 2014. The ownership of the station was transferred from Solvay to PitPoint on the 1st of January 2017, when Solvay left the High V.LO-City project as part of a strategic refocus of the company’s hydrogen activities. The role of existing partner PitPoint Clean Fuels has therefore been extended in the project.

The hydrogen refueling station in Antwerp is a non-public fueling station with Flemish public transport operator

‘De Lijn’ as its dedicated customer. The station is currently refueling De Lijn’s five fuel cell electric buses on a daily basis. The hydrogen is delivered to the refueling station by Air Liquide through a pipeline. The hydrogen used is an industrial by-product from chlorine production via electrolysis. The refueling station, which is currently located in the port of Antwerp, will eventually be moved to De Lijn’s bus depot in Antwerp. This will ensure a smoother daily operation of the buses.

For PitPoint this investment is an important next step to realize its mission of clean transport by 2030. Oskar Voorsmit, Business Development Manager at PitPoint, said: “Our investment in this station is important to further intensify our role in the High V.LO-City project. The use of fuel cell electric buses improves the air quality and is an important step to realize clean transport by 2030. Our experience with providing clean fuels to our customers makes us the perfect candidate to operate and maintain the hydrogen refueling station in Antwerp.”

PitPoint’s role in the High V.LO-City project also includes the design, construction and operation of the hydrogen refueling station for the Groningen site, where Dutch bus operator QBuzz is operating two High V.LO-City fuel cell electric buses  since February 2017.