Police in Zurich will be Traveling with a Hydrogen-Powered Vehicle in the Future

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The Zürcher Kantonspolizei is starting a test phase with a hydrogen-powered patrol vehicle with complete equipment for use on motorways since May 25, 2020. 

The strategy for sustainability of the vehicle fleet at the Zurich Cantonal Police, which started in 2003, has now reached another phase. Around 18 percent of passenger cars with an alternative drive is already in service.

In order to further expand the sustainable CO2 strategy of vehicles, the test phase begins with a purely hydrogen-powered Hyundai Nexo. The front-wheel-drive vehicle at the Zurich traffic department is equipped, among other things, with a special signaling system (roof beams), a follow-up measuring device, an accident memory, a location system with a direct connection to the operations center, radio and with signaling, barrier, rescue, photo, and personal protection material. It is the first hydrogen-powered vehicle to meet the basic requirements for a traffic police vehicle in the canton of Zurich. Now, with the test deployment of this vehicle up to 300,000 kilometers driven, the exact operating costs are to be determined and the suitability for everyday use in the police and the service life is to be found out. The vehicle is stationed in Dübendorf.

The fact that the cantonal police are on the right track with these long-term measures to reduce fuel consumption and thus CO2 emissions was confirmed by the first certification of the ISO14001 / Environmental Management Standard in 2018 by an external quality authority and confirmed in 2019. In addition to the consistent further development of the vehicle fleet, targeted driver training has also helped to significantly reduce the fuel consumption of company vehicles in recent years.

The cantonal police’s procurement strategy is still not limited to a single drive system: petrol, diesel, gas, hybrid (small battery, electric and petrol engine), plug-in (larger battery, electric and petrol engine), electric and hydrogen. Depending on the application and requirements, a different drive concept is suitable and is procured accordingly.

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