Portes Du Tarn: H2V Is Studying a New Project for a Renewable Hydrogen Production Site in Occitania

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Fuel Cells Works, Portes Du Tarn: H2V Is Studying a New Project for a Renewable Hydrogen Production Site in Occitania

As announced at the beginning of the spring, marketing at the Portes du Tarn business park is continuing. Its privileged location at the gates of Toulouse and its unique circular economy approach at the heart of its design are all assets that continue to attract companies, particularly those specializing in Cleantech*.

Among them is the company H2V, whose project for a renewable hydrogen production site has just been approved by elected officials during the Commitment and Monitoring Committee which was held on Wednesday 8 June. Although this is a first step in the process of setting up in Les Portes du Tarn, H2V’s interest in the business park represents a great opportunity for the whole territory. Subsidiary of a French industrial group, H2V invests, develops and builds renewable hydrogen production sites in order to decarbonize sectors that have a particularly high impact on the environment, such as heavy mobility and industry.

The elected representatives of the Commitment and Monitoring Committee of the Portes du Tarn validated today the interest of setting up a renewable hydrogen production site for the territory. This first stage of validation will allow the company H2V to study the feasibility of such a project which could see the light of day by 2028.

“Welcoming the H2V company to Les Portes du Tarn would be totally consistent and complementary with the long-term strategy of the State, the Region and our territory for this sector of the future. ” , declares Christophe Ramond, President of the SPLA.

The H2V renewable hydrogen production project at the Portes du Tarn would contribute to the decarbonization of sectors with a particularly high CO2 impact, such as heavy mobility (trucks, coaches, BOM, etc.). The proximity of the airports of Toulouse Blagnac, Castres, Carcassonne and Perpignan also represents an additional outlet for hydrogen which would be produced locally and would be used to develop synthetic fuels.

For Alexis Martinez, Managing Director of H2V, this implementation project constitutes a new opportunity for development: “I am delighted with this prospect and the dynamism of the local authorities involved in the Portes du Tarn. H2V aims to fit into the Tarn H2 ecosystem in addition to the players already federated. »

*Cleantech: techniques and industrial services that use natural resources, energy, water, raw materials with a view to significantly improving efficiency and productivity.

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