POSCO Group to Attend ‘Hydrogen Mobility Show’ in South Korea

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Fuel Cells Works, POSCO Group to Attend 'Hydrogen Mobility Show' in South Korea
  • POSCO to reveal hydrogen business vision and capabilities such as hydrogen reduction steelmaking technology

POSCO Group announced on the 5th that it will participate in the ‘2021 Hydrogen Mobility Show’ held at KINTEX in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province for four days from the 8th to the 11th to showcase its hydrogen business vision and capabilities company-wide.

In the event, a total of six affiliates including POSCO, POSCO E&C, POSCO International, POSCO Energy, POSCO SPS, and Pohang Institute of Industrial Science and Technology will participate in the event to organize a 540 square meter booth and disclose business plans for the entire hydrogen business value chain.

POSCO to Attend Hydrogen Show in Korea 2

Hydrogen Mobility + Show_Hydrogen reduction steel model of POSCO Group booth. Provided by POSCO


First, the top of the booth introduces POSCO’s business blueprint in all fields from hydrogen production to storage, distribution, and utilization through video and panoramic shows.

In the center, a hydrogen reduction ironmaking method is presented. It is explained that the principle of the construction method, as well as the virtual steel mill, were visualized with models and images. Hydrogen-reduced ironmaking is an eco-friendly technology that uses hydrogen as a reducing agent instead of coal to produce iron without emitting carbon dioxide, unlike the existing blast furnace method.

In addition, hydrogen car fuel tanks, liquid hydrogen storage tanks, and hydrogen refueling station storage tanks using POSCO steel can be viewed in real size.

POSCO to Attend Hydrogen Show in Korea 3

Hydrogen Mobility + Show_ A model of the core parts of a hydrogen car at the POSCO Group booth. Provided by POSCO


POSCO E&C will present a future hydrogen city based on POSCO infrastructure, and POSCO SPS will unveil models of hydrogen cars and hydrogen drones using POSCO steel. E-Autopos, POSCO’s integrated eco-friendly vehicle brand, will also exhibit the core parts of hydrogen cars, such as the driving motor core and fuel cell separator, in actual size.

At the same time, POSCO will participate as the chairperson of the ‘H2 Business Summit’, a hydrogen consultative body of domestic private companies. POSCO Chairman Jeong-woo Choi will attend the inaugural meeting of the H2 Business Summit to be held prior to the opening ceremony of the hydrogen mobility show to share the progress of the hydrogen business at the group level, and seek ways to cooperate with the summit representatives.


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