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  • Power Innovations and Big Navajo Energy are turning a waste problem into the start of a renewable energy economy for Southern Utah

American Fork, Utah — Today, Power Innovations, a leading supplier of energy solutions, announced an agreement with Big Navajo Energy (BNE) to support the reclamation of methane gas from petroleum drilling sites and to convert the fossil fuel into a clean, green, renewable source of energy in the form of hydrogen gas.

Power Innovations will also supply BNE with hydrogen-powered equipment to help with operations, storage, and transportation of excess hydrogen to be sold to BNE customers.

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Hydrogen Power and the Renewable Energy Economy
“We are proud to be a driving force in moving our country forward to a leading global position in the growing renewable energy economy. Working with energy producers like Big Navajo Energy is more than just about creating operational efficiencies or improving supply chains — it’s an opportunity to expand market choices, positively impact the environment, and create economic opportunities in southern Utah and beyond,” said Robert Mount, President and CEO of Power Innovations.

Converting Methane into Hydrogen
Traditionally, methane found alongside petroleum is converted into non-renewable products, such as gasoline or jet fuel, or injected back into the ground. Methane that is too remote or too expensive to be collected is either vented into the atmosphere or burned off at the site — resulting in the release of harmful greenhouse gasses into the environment and a waste of a valuable commodity. With this agreement, Power Innovations and Big Navajo Energy will change how methane is treated at the Navajo Nation Oil and Gas’ extraction site near Bluff, Utah. Now, instead of venting or burning 80,000 cubic feet of gas daily, the methane will be converted into hydrogen for a multitude of uses.

Hydrogen Power and Export
Power Innovations will provide Big Navajo Energy with a variety of green solutions to support the compression, storage, transportation, and export of hydrogen gas for use by their customers. In addition, Power Innovations will offer BNE equipment that is powered by hydrogen, including fuel cell systems for powering wells. “I envision the Navajo as being one of the largest developers of hydrogen production and providers for the increasing demands for this cleaner source of fuel here in Utah and across the country,” said Dory Peters, President and CEO, Big Navajo Energy.

Why Hydrogen?
Hydrogen is environmentally friendly. It produces no CO2 or other greenhouse gases when implemented in fuel cells, only water and heat. That not only makes for a greener future – but opens up new possibilities. “Imagine a neighborhood that is powered completely by hydrogen and maintains plant greenhouses with that water and heat. Or businesses that are able to meet their long-range sustainability goals practically overnight by moving away from fossil fuels to hydrogen fuel cells,” said Robert Mount. “Further, hydrogen fuel cells are quiet, virtually maintenance free, and long lasting. This is sustainability like we’ve never seen before.”

To see a Hydrogen Fuel Cell system in action powering a data center, visit the Power Innovations Energy Innovation Lab outside of Salt Lake City, UT. Contact them at [email protected] to schedule a tour or participate in the next Hydrogen Forum.

About Power Innovations
Power Innovations, located in American Fork, Utah, is a supplier of power management and integrated hydrogen fuel cell solutions and ancillary products. For over twenty-three years, they have been delivering custom-designed systems to monitor, manage, and deliver quality power when the source is unreliable or questionable.

Over the last several years, Power Innovations has been working with leaders across industry, academia, research, and coalitions to commercialize hydrogen fuel cells and accelerate its adoption.

About Big Navajo Energy
Big Navajo Energy, LLC. (BNE) provides strategic consulting in renewable energy technology services and managed services to commercial, not-for-profit, and government organizations. Their consulting services can mobilize the right people, skills, and technologies to help organizations improve their way of life in the renewable industry for electric power generation.

As a Native American Owned Small Business with the Small Business Administration (SBA), BNE is committed to excellence while creating innovative and flexible renewable electric solutions for our State, Federal, and Native American community clients. Learn more at Big Navajo Energy.

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