PowerCell’s CEO receives awards
PowerCell’s CEO receives awards
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, June 15, 2017

Financial Hearing’s Presentation Award 2016 has been awarded Per Wassén, CEO of the leading Nordic fuel cell company PowerCell Sweden AB (publ).

Financial Hearing grants the annual Presentation Award to executives who successfully communicates their business. This year, Financial Hearing has chosen to let PowerCell’s Per Wassén receive the award for This Year’s Presentator of the Micro Cap category, together with Vitec’s Lars Stenlund and Storytel’s Jonas Tellander.

“In the category Micro Cap, Financial Hearing wants to highlight companies with potential and give them a boost on the way. We see that PowerCell is ready for institutional capital”, says Per-Erik Holmström, chairman of Financial Hearings and “permanent secretary” for the Financial Hearing Award.

“As a CEO of a growing cutting edge company, you need to be able to present both positive and negative messages while balancing market expectations. Per Wassén has shown continuity and reach when conducting financial presentations over time. We would like to encourage this“, says Per-Erik Holmström.

“It’s easy to present when the business is so interesting and exciting. PowerCell’s fuel cell technology allows companies in, for example, the automotive industry to access energy without emissions other than water. This is a major step towards the hydrogen community – and a clear step away from burning different types of carbon,” said Per Wassén, CEO of PowerCell.

On PowerCell’s website (investor.powercell.com/presentations) there are several filmed presentations that Per Wassén has held for investors. The award was awarded yesterday, Tuesday, June 13, at Operaterassen in Stockholm, Sweden.

More information about the award is available at www.financialhearings.com/financial-hearings-awards.