Powerdisc Announces Name Change to Loop Energy
Powerdisc Announces Name Change to Loop Energy
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, February 08, 2016

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA --  PowerDisc Development Corp announced today that it has changed its name to Loop Energy to mark the introduction of the company's zero-emission powertrain for heavy-duty transportation.

"Loop Energy better represents our business because it speaks to how our products work and to the larger principles of a zero-emission economy," said Ben Nyland, President of Loop Energy.

The Loop heavy-duty powertrain combines an electric battery with a hydrogen fuel cell designed around their patented eFlow® technology to deliver superior performance compared to diesel engines, while producing only water vapour as exhaust. In contrast, heavy-duty diesel engines produce a disproportionate share of carbon and particle pollution in North America. The Loop powertrain also matches diesel engines on a total cost basis without subsidies, making it ideal for short and regional-haul trucks that operate at distribution centers and international ports.

"When we talk to freight owners, we find that what they really want is zero-emissions," said Dag Hinrichs, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Loop. "Customers don't care whether their trucks are powered by fuel cells, batteries or some combination of both. What they care about is a solution that delivers operational efficiency, lower total cost of ownership, and smart ways to get carbon pollution out of their supply chain."

Loop's ultimate goal is to replace the diesel engine. "We see a world where we no longer have to burn oil to move things," says Nyland. "A world where we create the power we need by working with natural cycles." A world of loops.

For more information about the name change or to learn more about Loop Energy, please visit www.loopenergy.com.

About Loop Energy

Loop Energy provides zero-emission power systems for heavy-duty transport. Loop works with freight owners to design and deliver carbon-free transportation solutions using both electric and hydrogen technologies. Loop powertrains deliver superior performance to conventional diesel engines at a competitive cost of ownership, without subsidies. For more information about how Loop Energy is driving the future of zero-emissions, visit www.loopenergy.com.