Prehn and Pihl on a Trip with Hydrogen
Prehn and Pihl on a Trip with Hydrogen
author Added by FuelCellsWorks, August 21, 2017

Pihl and Prehn on hydrogen vehicles proved that Denmark has a nationwide hydrogen network!

When the two members of the parliament, transport rapporteurs Kristian Pihl Lorentzen van Venstre and Rasmus Prehn of Social Democracy planned their busy summer day, they opposed the challenge of the hydrogen industry to test if Denmark has a nationwide network of fuel tankers.  Now the trip has been completed and the two politicians have driven from Skagen to Gedser in 5 days and have traveled more than 1350 kilometers in Hyundai and Toyota hydrogen cars and the cars have only diverted water.

This proved that it is possible to drive from Skagen to Gedser in a hydrogen vehicle, and even with the same fast refueling, as we know it from diesel and gasoline cars.  It only takes 3-5 minutes to fuel a hydrogen car so that it can drive up to 500 km again.

Rasmus Prehn says:

"It has been a pleasure to swim through the country with super good conscience driving in a complete pollution-free car.  Green carism is the future.  Here the hydrogen car is quite obvious.  And I can only say that the driving characteristics of the two hydrogen cars we have tested on the trip are fully comparable with other modern cars.  I sincerely hope that we can turn turbo on the transformation from conventional petrol and diesel vehicles and to new climate and environmentally friendly technologies”

Kristian Pihl Lorentzen follows:

"During the next three decades we will carry out a comprehensive conversion from diesel and petrol to green fuels in transport.  There is a wide range of interesting technologies that will help us in this process.  After five days in complete pollution-free and well-run hydrogen cars, I'm in no doubt that hydrogen produced on excess wind turbines at night is one of the obvious solutions.  Especially because there is now a nationwide network of thought in Denmark. "

In order to continue the green change, policies need to back up new technologies in, among other things, the forthcoming energy agreement.  Here is the opinion of the hydrogen industry director Tejs Laustsen Jensen: "Denmark is a pioneer country when it comes to hydrogen for transport and builds hydroge stations for export to the whole world.  As Prehn and Pihl have proven, we already have a strong network today, but of course we will have even more gas stations over the next few years, and many more Danes to run in hydrogen cars for daily commutes”

Today, driving from Skagen to Gedser in the hydrogen car is due to EU support.  Many of the Danish hydrogen cars and several service stations are established as part of the HyFIVE EU project under the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU).  FCH-JU is a collaboration between the EU, research institutions and the hydrogen and fuel cell industry.

FCH-JU CEO Bart Biebuyck states: "The HyFIVE project in Denmark proves that green transport solutions can be delivered to European citizens when we combine national support, EU financial support and the willingness of car manufacturers to deliver hydrogen cars.  The trip across Denmark with the two parliamentary politicians proves that hydrogen cars are flexible and stable while they only emit water.  It is also an important blowout of public authorities of hydrogen cars as a clean and innovative technology. "